Saturday, 23 October 2010

Meet my Nioxin Family

After reading up on load and loads (and loads) of hair loss sites, products, remedies...I remembered I was watching this girl on YouTube who was doing a Roaccutane diary, and she mentioned that Nioxin shampoo helped her. So, of course being the person that I am, I went searching for it online and have slowly ended up with 5 products.
Firstly, I bought the Scalp Therapy, which is the conditioner, follicle booster and Scalp activator (freebie). To be honest, I thought I was buying shampoo, and not conditioner as I had stopped using conditioner after I realised it was making my hair fall more, as explain in this post. I didn't realise till I was in the bath, hair wet and it came out thick...I thought huh?! Looked at the bottle and it said conditioner. I ended up using it in conjunction with my garlic shampoo...Double up on the hair loss ingredients right?! The conditioner has that nice menthol tingling sensation, like those Heads and Shoulders. Anyways, after the shampooing and conditioning put on the follicle booster on the most effected areas. How weird is it that the hair on my left hand side is not as bad as my right?! After that, you spray on the activator. A lot of products...but what they heck?! The scalp activator is meant to make your scalp red and a bit uncomfortable for a bit, and honestly it doesn't last long and then you forget its there. I then just put on a heat protection and then do my usual styling business.
I used the shampoo for the first time today, and I like it...I mean it doesn't do anything, no tingling or anything and washed out my oil and elasticizer out beautifully clean. With this I got a free thickening gel so I used that with all the other stuff mentioned above.
I've just straightened my hair and I have to say I'm impressed, you would not be able to tell that I lost about 30% of my hair. On a hair loss front, since chopping it, and starting Nioxin I probably lose around 10 hairs a day...which is amazing. Also, I know I hate it and all that, but short hair is so easy - Wash, leave it and blast with the hair dryer and I'm done - no need to straighten!
I did try taking pics of my hair, but it's too dull as it's rainy and gloomy here in Leicester and you couldn't really tell that well.
Here's my little family of hair products:
So, do I recommend it? So far, yes...But I'll use it for another 2 weeks or so and get back to you! If you decide to buy it, I got my conditioner and scalp products from and the shampoo from
Oh I've also ordered Phyto Hair Growth Serum treatment, which is meant to be amazing for hair growth, so I'll keep you posted as to when it comes, and if it works for me :)

Have a great weekend....Even in this weather!
Love ShameeraXxX


  1. Good review! I'll remember it for if/when my hair starts falling out due to peroxide abuse...

  2. Lol well, prevention is better than cure so use loads of intensive conditioners and you wont get hair loss (touch wood!)However, this stuff is amazing for volume should you want that :)