Friday, 15 October 2010

End of the week waffle

This is going to be a bit of a ramble post, like I tend to do when I can't sleep at night. Extremely therapeutic, I think!

I just watched the first two episodes of The Only Way is Essex and it's a Hills wannabe. Omg they make the cast of The Hills and The City look Oscar worthy! Lauren is so annoying, I swear...I just want to smack her! Her attitude towards Mark is mad...Who starts shouting and swearing in the middle of a club?! I wish her name wasn't Lauren as it makes me think of Lauren Conrad, who she so is not. Then you have Amy, oh good god...Seriously, no words!! Having said all that, I love it and am going to keep on watching it. I'm such a sucker for bad TV!! Are you guys watching it? What do you think?

I'm getting my hair chopped off tomorrow. I posted the pic of Jessica Simpson the other day, you can find it here. However, since then I watched Friends and loved Rachel's bob cut...I want a mixture of those 2 cuts.
I really like her cut here, as it's a bob but not as short...I'm taking this to the hairdressers and just going to do it. My hair still hasn't stopped shedding so may as well chop the bitches off right?! It's really doing my head in. I've ordered Nioxin, so lets see if that does anything if that does anything. Doubt it, but someone on YouTube said that it helped their hair, and I am desperate. One of the guys at work also said rubbing lemon on, washing your hair and then putting on black seed oil made his hair grow back...So I'm doing that when I wash my hair next. Anyways, everyone pray for my hair please...Lol!

I've been so bad this week, Pizza Hut twice....!! So bad! Although, I've been going to the gym...However, don't know if that'll make a diff with like 10,000cals for lunch. I didn't have the cookie dough though, and that's the best thing Pizza Hut do. I wasn't even hungry today...! Why do we do that?!

Oh, I was looking at one of the fashion blogs...I can't remember which one now but she mentioned a site I'd never heard of - and love some of the stuff on there. I swear, if they had paypal I would've spent loads this evening, I just didn't have the energy to get up and go get my handbag out of my car boot! I'll get some stuff tomorrow. I also need my winter coat, has anyone seen any nice ones around? I'm thinking I want a cape style one. Have you got yours yet? Which one did you buy?

Urm...Do I have anything else to waffle about...Hhmmm...!! I don't think so!

I'll do a post tomorrow of my hair, if it comes out nice that is!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Love ShameeraXxX

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