Saturday, 2 October 2010

Who knew babies had this much choice?!

Well, my shedding has gone back to it's worse... I'll be bald at this rate...I pray to God that he doesn't make me bald!
So, I was thinking mild shampoo...What could be more milder than baby shampoo? I mean it doesn't even sting when it goes in the eyes right?! I initially went to pick up the Johnson's & Johnson's one, but then saw so many different brands. My gosh...I was actually standing there confused, not knowing what to buy. There are organic ones, designer ones, environmental ones, and the natural, but not organic ones...So much choice!
I ended up picking one by Pure Adore. They are:
  • hypoallergenic
  • natural & organic ingredients
  • affordable
  • cute looking
  • no sodium laureth sulphate
  • no parabens
  • no artificial fragrance
  • no artificial colouring
  • not tested on animals
  • vegetarian & vegan friendly
Pretty impressive hey?! The product I bought was the Shampoo & Body wash.

It includes loads of natural and organic extracts, including linden flower, angelica, horsetail, red clover, elder flower and passionflower. It smells really nice too.
So, does it work?
This was the first ever shampoo I have used without SLS and I was expecting it not to bubble up. It foams up nice and smooth. I had coconut oil in my hair, which is usually difficult to get out, but 2 washes and my hair was squeaky clean. Did my hair fall? Yes :-( But the shampoo, it liked it. Left my hair clean, and soft.

I've decided to go to see a Trichologist for my hair. I know its the roaccutane, but just on the off chance it's something else...I'm going to see one. Doing the google search, I only found one in Leicester. I'll call up on Monday.

Anyways, I'm off out...So have a great evening everyone :D
Love Shameera xXx


  1. I love the smell of Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo! Does this one smell as nice? I can't believe you've been resorted to buying baby shampoo though - are you still glad that you took the roaccutane? x

  2. This one smells like a lavender base, not baby-ish at all. The shampoo is really nice though, not like a baby shampoo at all. I don't know whther I'm glad ...I will judge that once I see what damage has been done to my hair. I'm really annoyed the nurse didn't mention this...