Sunday, 31 October 2010

Lazy Sunday waffle

Hey Guys,

How was everyones weekend?

This has been such a hectic week, so I really needed the extra hour today. However, I woke up at 7:50am, which would've been 8:50am I guess but I wanted to wake up at 12 or something. I ended up going to town to return some bits, and ended up buying a dress :-s

On Monday I was in 5 different places in one day, Leicester, Oxford, Staines, London, Windsor...!
Tuesday back to Leicester, and had Wednesday off :D Then Thurs and Friday I had a course in Milton Keynes. Then yesterday I went to Westfields in London (did you know there was one in Derby too?!) for some shopping. I'm going to do a haul post soon, as I got a few nice pieces for winter.

So, I caught up on X-factor this morning, as I was up so early! It was really not the best...I liked Cher's song the best, but I agree with Simon, Cheryl is turning her into herself! Being a huge MJ fan, I was expecting Thriller to be in there, but I hated Aidan's version! What does everyone else think? I was expecting it to pick up, but it never did! It's such a iconic dance song, and his version was dull.

I've got the Phyto Hair growth serums, but used it once and my hair started shedding a bit again, so I'm a bit unsure as to whether I should carry on using it or not. I might just give it to my mum to use. I'll let you know how she gets on with it.

Oh, it was my friends birthday and I got her a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet with some charms, which is really cute. However, they have a new perfume out called Rose Charm and I love the smell. It's gorgeous. Its my next perfume purchase. If you get the chance, smell it. It's not anything different, or special but it's really nice. I also bought us both a Mac Strobe Cream as it's meant to be really good with foundation. Has anyone got it? What else can I do with it other than mix it with my foundation? Any random tips? I used it today, and really liked how glowy my foundation looked with it. I got it in the pump version, rather than the tube - it's much easier.

Ok, I think I've waffled too much! I'll put up a haul post either today or tomorrow!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Love ShameeraXxX


  1. Bloody hell, just reading that post made me feel out of breath. Haha! I'm thinking of buying Strobe cream too. xx

  2. Lol haha! I do ramble a lot...! You should get it, but make sure you get the pump and not tube as it's easier to use. Mix it with foundation and it gives such a nice glow. xxx