Saturday, 23 October 2010

The best carrot cake in the world

I was on my way to lunch with my friend and was speaking to a friend on the phone. I mentioned to him that we were going to Druckers, and he said I had to try the carrot cake. I'm not a huge fan of the stuff, it's nice...but not amazing. However, I saw it and bought it...and it was good times :D If you see a Druckers anywhere, try the carrot cake, with the cream cheese frosting...Yumm...I want some more...!
Here's the pic I sent to him to show him what he was missing out!

Love Shameera XxX


  1. Ahh that looks so yummy! :)
    Love your blog,

  2. It was yummy...You should try it!
    Aah thank you :) I'll check your blog out now x