Monday, 30 August 2010

The benefits of raw cacao butter

Theres so much on the internet explaining why coco butter is good for your skin. Its high in anti-oxidants, which I've already done a post on here, which helps in smoothing out the skin. It's great for dry skin, and stretch marks. Cocoa butter is said to help even out the skin tone, making scars less noticeable. The thing with these kinds of treatments is that they're not going to be miracle workers. They'll make a slight difference, but not huge. However, I'm still going to try it out! A tip I have learnt is that massage is helpful in this process because it breaks up the scar tissues. So, I am vigourously massaging in coco butter every night, before bed. To be honest, I have seen a difference in my skin, in that it is smoother and more moisturised. Scars...I think I'll have to wait longer than 2-3 days for this!
The butter smells exactly like chocolate, which is dangerous as it has me craving brownies every day! I want to try the butter, but I've read on so many sites that it tastes bad, so I won't...Although, I may give in one day and just put it in my mouth & try it!
What you do is, get some of the butter - I just chop bits off my huge block and melt it in the microwave. It then turns into an oil consistency - A bit like coconut oil. It's quite thick, but it soaks in really nicely, leaving your skin with a nice sheen. So, it could be used day and night. I would rather just use it at night though, as I don't want to be craving and eating chocolate all day, then become the size of a elephant!
I bought it from here, for £15.99+p&p.

Here are the photos:

Let me know if anyone else has tried this, or any other random tips you have...
Lots of love from MyFrostedWorldXXX


  1. Cocoa butter is brilliant stuff, it faded some old stretchmarks i had really well. I love it and have even got cocoa butter products for my baby x

  2. I might try it on my stretch marks then...!! I'm glad you had good results with it, as a lot of the reviews I've been reading have been negative. Give me encouragement!! x

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