Sunday, 28 February 2010

The actual Roaccutane blog post (and random waffle...!!)

Ok, so I've been taking the medication since January 20th 2010, making it 6weeks.
To begin with, nothing happened, then the second week all the oil was being pushed out and I was really shiny, but thats all. Nothing went, and nothing came. Then the damn INITIAL BREAKOUT happened...Omg this was so bad. I had cysts all over my face, and down my neck and it was so painful and bad. They wouldn't budge either. Then, I got sick and thats when the dryness started - probably due to the fact I couldn't keep anything down, so I had no liquids, nothing for 2 days! After that, it had been dry, but all the spots were still there...So basically, my face went from bad to worse...Lol! I was expecting it, yes, but I wanted to be the exception and not get anything!! This lasted till last week when I went to Lisbon, since then my skin has cleared up so much - I only have a few cysts left which are on my jaw line and get covered by my hair. Maybe this is proof that this country is not good for me??! Lol! I swear, everytime I go on holiday my skin clears up - it could be due to no stress...Although, I don't really stress here either...!! The clearing up has stayed, and it's actually improving, so I'm happy! Any new spots I'm getting are coming, and drying out straight away within a day or so..It's great!!

The other day, I went to Lancome and bought a facemask (I'll do a blog post on my new skincare routine & put this in) and got a bunch of freebies. One of which was the Hydra Zen moisturiser. Now, I've always been a Decleor Hydra-Floral girl, for years it's the only face moisturiser I would use. BUT I'm actually loving Hydra-zen. Once my Hydra-Floral and the sample Zen finishes, I will be purchasing it. This leads me off to a tangent - I was speaking to my aunt, we went to a department store in Lisbon - El Corte Ingles (OMG I love this place so much!!) Heck, I have pics...

Anyways, so she got some Clarins samples, and when she was putting them on at night, I asked "don't you think samples are always better than the actual product?!" She was like "yeaahh, I've always thought this but thought it was in my head!" lol! Does anyone else think this too??? I swear, once you buy the product, it's never as good as the sample. Maybe its psycholigical, maybe not...I just don't know!! What do you guys think?!

So, back to roaccutane. When you go for your consultation, you get told about ALL the side-affects and to be honest, they nearly made me not want to take it! However, I've actually not had many bad side affects. Just the first week my left arm had pins & needles for a bit, but my brother massaged them out for me. The dryness is not bad at all, its only on my face, as for the cracked lips, to be honest I haven't put anything on them all day today and nothing...! Whilst I'm at work, I've always had a habit of lip balm, so I can't tell ...but nothing bad. There was also something saying my hair would become dry, but since taking the medicine, my hair has become so shiny and is growing loads faster (Although, I've started taking Perfectil for about 2-3 weeks now - but I'll put it in my skincare routine blog post. It's great stuff!) I've just started getting joint pains now, but nothing too bad - I can still go to the gym and stuff so I'm happy!

Overall, I'm loving this medication and wish I'd done it sooner lol!

If you guys have any questions, just ask away...:-)

Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Holiday :-)

I just got back from Lisbon on Saturday, and I already want to go back! My uncle & aunt live in Lisbon, and visiting them is great to stock up on some new clothes and pastries...yes, I said pastries! Omg, the patis de nata, is so amazing...It's like filo pastry with a gorgeous custard filling. Yumm...
Lisbon isn't a city famous for it's attractions, like Barcelona has Las Ramblas (amazing place!!) and Milan has the fashion district...but it's a nice city, with a bank, pharmacy, Zara and a coffee shop on every corner...!!

Now I want to go back on holiday :-(

Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

Friday, 5 February 2010

I hate Roaccutane!

Ok, I don't hate it but OMG it's week 2 and I'm experiencing the initial breakout!! It's day 17, and my face is a mess :-( I don't even want to leave the house! Chanel & mac may cover up the redness, but the bumps are inconcealable (is that a word?!)!! Oh, and the dryness...Omg that makes the foundation looks worse!! & it itches...I just keep wanting to scratch, scratch, scratch...!!
I've not needed to change the products I use yet, but thats most probably because I've always used Decleor Hydra-floral face moisturiser which is great, and it's meant to 'drip-feed' your skin moisture.
I'm just glad I haven't had the other worse side - effects like joint pains and mood swings...Although, it's still early days, and I'm only on 30mg a day. I have been getting head aches, hot flushes and pins & needles in my left arm (The first time that happened, I was scared as we all know the left arm is linked to the heart...!!) My lips are dry, but I'm using a mixture of Neutrogena Norwegian formula lip balm, vaseline & coco butter lipbalm in the day, then slathering on vaseline and Eygyptian Magic at night so they dont dry out.
I know I'm not meant to, but  I'm putting on Eucerin clearing moisturiser at night. I tried it during the day today, and my face felt tight all day...Back to the Decleor from Monday.

I wish it would just hurry up and clear up!!!