Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year :-)

2009 has been an OK year for me, not bad but not good either...It's been so blaaahh!! However, I have learnt who my friends are, and who my 'enemies' are, and honestly, I was SHOCKED at who my 'enemies' are...But it's always good to know who they are, I guess..! It has changed my whole life around as some of the people are people I trusted and have known all my life, which is hard. All I can say is, jealousy is a terrible emotion...Is it an emotion?! Whatever, it's bad lol!!

Another low point of the year was that MJ died...I was so sad, I actually became ill with grief!!! I loved him!!!I still can't believe he's gone...:-( I saw the film 'This is It' and Omg the show would have been amazing!! I was soooo looking forward to it, thinking I would actually get to see him in real life...but it wasn't meant to be :-(

R.I.P Michael XXX

To be honest, I don't really do the whole New Years thing, but I do like the time off lol!! However, I am looking forward to a New Year this time, I want a new EVERYTHING this year because I am bored...I know life isn't exciting everyday, but it should be sometimes though right?!?! I haven't made any resolutions, because I never keep them lol...!! BUT If I were to keep them, then they would be:
1) Lose weight, because I have put on too much weight over the past year :-s
2) Be more healthy - join the gym and eat healthier...which in turn will help me lose weight, so I guess this is still no.1 lol!!
3)Get a new job, because I hate mine!! Lol!!
4) Meet a nice guy LOL!
5) Grow my hair!!

Reading through this, I have just realised that it's been such a negative!! So let me finish off with a positive...After all that's happened, I think that this year has made me a stronger person!! Which is nothing but a good thing :-))))
So, how has everyone elses's year been & what are your resolutions??

Hope you have an amazing New Year....Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Neem Facemask

In one of my first posts, I spoke about neem and how good it is. I can't remember if I put a link on about it, but I'll add one just in case :

Neem Info:

Anyways, I've got some pics and an ebay link as to where you can get the mask if you don't find it in your nearest Asian/Indian grocery store (I love going in them when my mum goes shopping, as I always find so many masks and hair oils!)

The ebay link: (It's a different brand to the one I have in my photos, but it's the same thing.) It's cheaper in shops, as I got mine for 99p!

Anyways, to the photo's:

This is the box and how it comes:

The mixture when you put water in - its quite a weird one to mix, it doesn't mix straight away, you have to mix it for a bit till they amalgamate.


This is what the mixture looks like wet on the skin, the dry pics aren't showing up that well but once its dried, you'll be able to tell because your whole face will go tight. The packet should have instructions, if not then just use your judgement - if it doesn't sting or anything leave it on till your face feels tight, if not leave it on for as long as you feel is right.

Ok, that's the neem pack. I hope it helped and hope you guys try it out, because it is a really good herbal alternative to good skin. After you wash it off, your face will feel fresh and clean. If it feels dry then just moisturise with your usual cream. I prefer to do this at night, becase as I've said before your skin regenerates whilst you sleep so if you put your mask on, then go to sleep, it'll carry on working, you're helping it re-generate so it'll look better in the morning (well, that's what I like to think lol!).

If you have any questions, just comment below.

Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

Tuesday, 29 December 2009


OMG I have 9 followers!! I know it's not like 1000's, but 9people actually want to read my blog!! Thanks so much guys!!! :-))

Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Boots Boxing Day Haul

No introduction, just OMG...I bought so much...I spent £130 on this stuff lol!! I'm just going to put the pics up, but if you want to know what anything is, just ask :-) AND let me know what you got!!

Bath Stuff:


Hair Stuff:

Make up Stuff:

SkinCare Stuff (I don't even need this!):

Perfumes (Ghost Deep Night & Calvin Klein Euphoria):

Handwashes (My mum loves these sets, we have so many now!!Lol!)

Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Lush Cosmetic Warrior Mask

I watched lollipop26's & AllThatGlitters Elle's Lush hauls, and it made me want to go and buy loads of things! Unfortunately, I decided to go on the last weekend of xmas shopping, and it was packed full of people so I didn't really see much as there were people everywhere!! I bought a soap bar thing - candy cane which is the only one I really like as it smells of well...Candy!! I also checked out the skincare stuff and bought Cosmetic Warrior mask.

The description says:
"A superhero face mask to combat spots, cleanse dirt, calm and soothe all troubled skins. Antiseptic fresh garlic and tea tree essential oil, reinforced with deeply cleansing kaolin and fresh grapes, are aided by softening honey and free range eggs. Apply to clean skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave for five to ten minutes, then rinse away with warm water. Keep chilled."

It smells of mainly tea tree oil, but then you can smell the garlic and eggs at times! The texture is a bit weird actually, like a mask, but then a bit gooey...Weird!! Overall though, I like it...It's not amazing or anything, but it leaves my skin clean and quite matte & smooth. I've only used it twice though, I've got it on now lol!! It's £4..something, and I reckon you can get about 4-5 uses out of it which works out quite cheap!

Has anyone got any Lush recommendations????


Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Bodycare Tips

So, I haven't really researched any body lotions (sorry Verity lol!!) BUT here are some cool tips to get rid of dry skin, help cellulite and other bits..!

Ok, so cellulite...

*Try to drink at least 3 glasses a day of freshly squeezed lemons in 1 cup water and a pinch of cayenne - this will help eliminate cellulite. Green tea is also really good to help detox your body, which in turn dissolves cellulite.
*Essential oils cedarwood, juniper, rosemary and patchouli are really good for cellulite. So, what you can do is mix a few drops of these oils in a carrier oil like say Olive or Almond oil, then leave on for a while then exfoliate off. When you massage, remember to do it quite vigourously to break the cellulite up :-)Massaging frequently helps to improve the body's lymphatic flow preventing future cellulite formation.
*Dry-brush your skin. It helps improve your circulation, and so has the same effects of massage.
*Caffiene is in a lot of cellulite creams. Mix some freshly grinded coffee beans to some of your body cream & apply it as a paste & leave on for a while. Then exfoliate & wash off.
*Coconut oil massage is very effective in treating cellulite problems
*Finally, we can do all these things, but without regular exercise and a healthy diet you really aren't going to see that much of a difference.

Now, dry skin...
*Massage the dry area with almond oil or olive oil every night before going to bed - obviously don't put that much on that you'll feel uncomfortable! Just enough till it's all soaked up, and leaves a slight film on your skin.
*Mix together 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon of orange juice,1 teaspoon of olive oil, few drops of rose water and some drops of lime juice. Then apply the mixture to the dry areas of your body (or face!)
*Mash a ripe banana and apply it to the dry areas.
*Blend together 2-5 tablespoons of raw peanuts with milk and make a fine paste. Then add a teaspoon of honey to this paste. Apply this all over the body, as it will leave your skin glowing once washed off. Also, if you leave the nuts a bit grainy, you can exfoliate off.
OR...PEANUT BUTTER!! Ok, sounds weird, but it works!! Just put peanut butter on as a paste wherever you have dry skin like you would a mask, and see the difference!! You can use peanut butter as a face mask for dry skin too....Seriously!!
*Do as Cleopatra, and have a milk bath.
*Apply baby oil on as soon as you get out of the bath. I prefer to do this at night, so the oil residue goes on my pyjamas, rather than my clothes!
* A home made exfoliator of Olive oil, sugar and honey will get rid of flakey skin.
*Vaseline mask...Ok, you can do this on your face or body. Basically, put on a thick-ish layer of vaseline over the dry area for about 30mins or so depending really on the intensity of your dry skin, and then wash off with a muslin hot cloth.

So far these are all the body care tips I have gathered. However, if you have issues you want me to look into, let me know and I'll see if I can find you a remedy!

Thanks for reading...

Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

An Entry for Verity... :-)

Well, I haven't been feeling very motivated to do a blog post as I've been feeling like is anyone out there reading them?!?! Then today Verity told me she checks my blog everyday, so here you are Verity...A blog post for you so that you don't have to look at Olly! (I'm still a bit annoyed that he or Danyl didn't win...Not like Joe could even be a 'popstar'...but whatever...The public have spoken lol!)
I am going to be doing a body post...(Sounds dodgy hahaha!) but basically, I want to do a whole blog on finding the perfect body moisturiser (for Verity!!), then I'm also going to be doing little natural tips on improving the skin on the body. I.e homemade body masks, exfoliators etc...!
I will hopefully be working on this over the week, and updating at the weekend...Or earlier :-)

Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

Saturday, 12 December 2009



My First Haul

Ok, so went into Boots to pick up some necessities but I think it was obvious I would come out with a lot more stuff...That I didn't actually even need!! So, I thought...Do your first haul and review!! Wooohooo!!

I bought ...

3 Bourjois eyeshadows (I love 3 for 2 offers :D
3 Sanctuary Skincare products (Again you got to love those 3 for 2's!!)
3 Lee Stafford mini's (Which I do NOT need!) as I was having a bad hair day.

Everything else I bought was boring...Wax, showergel, toothpaste blah blah...!!

So, I'll start with the shadows:

I bought these in (Left to right) Beige Rose, Brun Irreel, Rose Tentation. I used the Beige Rose (lid) & Brun Irreel (crease) with mac espresso (crease) and mac Shroom (highlight) then black liner on top and waterline for my work xmas meal on Thursday, and I am impressed!! The colours lasted all night (probably with the help of UDPP!), and looked so nice!! They were easy to blend, and were actually nicely pigmented. They're not as good as mac obviously, but for drugstore prices, they were good. I wish I took pics for you guys to see, but if anyone wants to see the look, I would be happy to re-create it.

Perfect Polished Hot Cloth Cleanser. This is like the Liz Earle stuff which is what I normally use. It comes with the cloth. Ok, I liked it...It smells ok and does the job - it cleanses off all makeup and leaves your skin feeling clean. Basically, did the same job as Liz Earle for a similar price point. The only thing I didn't like was the cloth, so I'll be purchasing this again but I will stick to the Liz Earle cloths. They feel more exfoliating, the cloth that comes with this product is far too soft.

Radiance Boosting Facial Oil. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!! OMG!! I usually love oils anyways, so I just thought it would be like the Decleor oils, but no, it's better!! I've been using this at night, and applying panoxyl10 over my problem areas and it's working! I thoroughly recommend this product. It smells soo good too. It does make your skin look nicer, clearer and all I can say is LOVE!

(Btw sorry for the cr@ppy photos!! I have finally found a fault with my beloved iphone!)

Radiant Skin Exfoliator. This scrub is so good too. It's got a bunch of skin radiance ingredients including pumpkin and lemon extracts. I really like it! The first day I used it, I saw a difference so it must be good! I really like it, I have a lot of exfoliators as I am addicted to them lol...St Ives, Clean and Clear warming scrub, Aapri, Liz Earle, but I do actually prefer this one the most now!

So, overall on The Sanctuary, I really recommend trying their stuff out in terms of skincare! Their body lotion is really good too, it smells lovely and actually feels warm when you apply it!! (I think it's the ginger in it!) I'm usually a expensive products kind of girl, but I think I am converted totally to The Sanctuary's' skin care line.

Ok, so finally....the Lee Stafford mini's...

I bought the de-humidifier, shine spray and dry shampoo.
I like the de-humidifier, it kept my hair straight all day and it didn't get all kinky. The shine spray made my hair feel soft and shiny, but I didn't like the dry shampoo. I usually use the Batiste stuff (loving the Diva scent right now!), and in comparison the Lee Stafford one doesn't really compare. The Batiste one, makes my hair look less greasy, all the Lee Stafford one did was disguise it a bit. BUT I do LOVE the smell of these products....!!

Ok, haul over...That was fun!! I just can't wait for the Boots Boxing Day sales, where all the gift sets go down to half price...That will definitely be a MUCH BIGGER haul!

Thanks for reading...

Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

Friday, 11 December 2009

Makeup Alley bitchyness

I had recently made a makeupalley account, cos obviously I love makeup and beauty stuff...Well I advertised the blog on it, just asking people for their opinion etc..and OMG within minutes I got pounded on by a bunch of well I assume girls...Saying I'm not allowed to post this there, flag, I got called a troll or something or the other...They were just plain RUDE!! It's like could you not just explain it to me, and tell me rather than flag, be rude and get my account cancelled??! I love makeupalley, but the bitches on there are just absolutely pathetic...!! Like I committed a crime or something!!

Link to the bitchy-ness:

Beware of the following girls:

*ocelot1 - this girl is the worst of them all!!

Then, my friend put a comment on and they got that deleted too...When ALL she said was:

"It's a shame that you guys couldn't have given the girl the benefit of thedoubt - what exactly do you think she's getting out of spending timewriting a blog? She doesn't get paid for it, she doesn't get freebies forit, she just spends her time on it - she just wanted to make some newfriends and share her blog with you!! Instead you have a go at her and gether account cancelled! It's disappointing that you couldn't even considerthe idea that someone just might want to share with you and didn't actuallyknow your 'rules'. You might want to consider how this reflects on youguys... while you were giving her abuse did you actually consider thepossibility of nicely explaining the advertising rule to her?? Way to go onmaking a new member feel welcome!!"

No advertising there...!! Truth hurts??!?

These girls have actually put me off ever going back on that site again, and I hope idiots like that NEVER follow me!! I bet they wouldn't have done that someone like Kandee Johnson or lollipop26...Just cos I'm new, they felt they could pound on me...?! I felt so upset, as all I wanted was for other people to read my blog, let me know what they thought and have more people to talk to stuff about. Oh well, shows that the world is full of all sorts!!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Gossip Girl...& Random waffle...!!

Omg LOVE this season...It is getting sooo good! I want to know what Serena's mum is hiding from her...!!Also, why on earth did Serena choose Nates cousin instead of him!? Where can I find a Chuck Bass??!Lol!! The new episode is out...WooOOoooHooOOOo!!! I can't wait to watch it, and Ugly Betty!!
I soooo want to go to New York, Betty makes me sooo jealous!! I want friends like Mark and Amanda, (I know Christina is her best friend, but naah! Lol!) I want a billionaire boyfriend and I want to work in fashion (again!)... Omg did I just say I'm jealous of UGLY BETTY!??! Lol!!
I always wonder...Will they ever give her a makeover?!
I was thinking of trying out a mac msf, so I was talking to a friend who is also a mac fiend like me (&probably everyone else out there) and she's never tried one either...So I'm gona go get one on Saturday and if I dont like it, I can just use it as an eyeshadow I think...because they're quite pigmented!! I'll do swatches!!
I'm also going tp be doing some makeup pics...just some ideas of colours to put together etc...but wana get my eyebrows threaded first, they're a mess lol!! I'm loving mac paradisco with shroom as a highlight and espresso as the crease colour at the moment....So I'm thinking I'll do that one first! I'm not no make up artist etc...I just learnt from youtube like many other people!!

Ok, I think I've waffled on...!!

Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Hair loss.

As it's winter, we need to look after our hair more as the conditions are harsher.

Here are some tips to improve & maintain your hair health & to prevent and stop hair loss...

1)Philip Kingley Elasticizer is amaaazziingg!!
2)Phyto Nectar oil Gel...Again amaaazzziingg!!
3)Oil your hair overnight...Olive, Almond, Macadamia nut, coconut oil are all brilliant.
*Another oil, which is really potent so should be mixed with another oil is Kalonji oil (Black seed) - this oil is excellent for hair loss, especially for hormonal/medication reasons.
*Mustard oil is really good too, but don't use it with the kalonji! They're both quite potent.
*Castor oil is a really good oil for hair too, but it's sooo difficult to wash out!!
*Jojoba oil...this is quite difficult to wash out too, but I love it though!*
*You can also make your own conditioning mask by blending half a cup of water with half an avocado, 5 drops of any oil you want, and 2 drops of Vitamin E oil (Just pierce a vitamin E Capsule).
4)When putting oil in your hair, RUB it that your scalp tingles with heat!! This will activate the sebaceous glands and increase the blood circulation.
5)People lacking in vitamin B6 and deficient in folic acid find their hair falls out more. So check with your Dr if you can take these tablets.
6)A random one, which I've heard of but never tried is Lettuce & spinach juice! It is believed to help the growth of hair if taken up to half a litre a day. I think it sounds too yucky to try...If you do, let me know how it goes!! Lol!
7)Ok, these 2 are going to sound like WTF??! But trust me they work...
Rub either...Green Chillies OR (never together lol!) Onions into your scalp! These 2 will also activate the sebaceous glands and increase the blood circulation. Whenever my hair is feeling a bit thin, I just blend up some green chillies with coconut oil & Honey, and apply all over my hair, and its back to normal! Just make sure you wash your hair properly, and with COLD water!! Be careful if you try this one, I'm just recommending it...Use the tip, as well as all others, with COMMON SENSE lol!!
8)Your diet...Yep, it affects your hair, so just make sure if you're taking medication that you're also following a healthy diet...No point in taking medication then messing it up with bad foods!!
9)Try to wash your hair less, if you wash it everyday, cut it down to every other day etc...If you feel its greasy, or you have a fringe, just wash the front bit...(Sounds trampy right?! But I do it lol!)
10)Finally, use a GOOD shampoo and conditioner...I know that you get all sorts out there, but I do think spending money on shampoo and conditioner is important. Avoid shampoos that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Myreth Sulfate as these are really strong detergents, and can strip your hair. I love the Ojon range from QVC.

Enjoy your gorgeous hair...

Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

Monday, 7 December 2009

How to eliminate winter dry skin

So, winter always makes our skin dry ...heating, the cold wind...blah blah...You guys know why!!
I have some tips to eliminate & prevent it from happening:

1) Steam your face...The steam from the water moisturises your skin. So, if your skin is REALLY dry, slather your face in an oil, like olive or almond oil & if you have oily/spot prone skin add a little fresh lemon juice, then steam youe face. Steam it till u can rub the dry skin off...then once that's done, exfoliate & put on a moisturising mask if you have dry skin, and a deep cleansing mask (to prevent any spots from coming up!) if u have oily skin.

2)Invest in a balm..I love the Decleor balms, there's one for every skin type. They are sooooo good for the winter. Other brands also do balms, or you could make your own:

3) Some natural cures for dry skin:
* Honey and Milk mixed up and applied to the skin. If you have oily skin, put in a bit of yoghurt to the mixture.

*Mix together rose water and glycerin (You can get both from a pharmacy), and massage your face at least twice a week.

*As cucumber has a high water content, it is really moisturising - shred up some and apply to your face. It's quite messy on its own, so bind it with some yoghurt and gram flour. Apples can work in the same way.

*Mash up half an avocado, half a papaya and one banana - this should make a thick paste & and apply as a thick layer. This is also really good for the hair too!!

4) Change your moisturiser for Winter...!!! If you suffer from really bad skin in the winter, opt for a more moisturising moisturiser, as our skin types always change, so we need to adapt our routine to it...Work WITH your skin!!

5) Vitamin E tablets - work wonders taken orally, or applied directly to the skin. BUT when taking it, make sure you can like with all other medication.

Btw...I've tried ALL of these things...!!!

Saturday, 5 December 2009

XFACTOR ... Danyl to Win!! :-)

I LOVED today's XFACTOR!! Danyl SMASHED it!!
I can not stand Stacey though, I used to think there was something wrong with her, but then her sister spoke the exact same way...I just want to smack them! Tbh I also don't feel sorry for her, she's what...19 years old, her kid looks about 4-5 so she would've been pregnant at the age of lets just say 16 so that it's at least legal...Chav much?! THEN I find out, she's dating OLLY! I'm more of a Danyl fan, but still!!! (I know, jealous much right?!? Lol!) But I don't know, she's trying to make us all feel sorry for her and 'love' her with her stupidness a la Jade.
Her Michael performance this week was atrocious!! She didn't perform, she looked scared and worried...Then Dannii blamed her tooth...Whatever, she still spoke fine when Dermot interviewed her!! Someone in pain wouldn't be so loud and 'bubbly'!

Joe - My opinion of him (if anyone out there!) he's really good, I totally agree with all the judges...pitch perfect etc...but I can't see him as a recording artist. Think about it, can you really see him being an international star?! He hasn't got the charisma! I see him as a West End/Broadway kinda guy. So, I don't think he deserves to win!!

I love Danyl, after all the stick he got...after all that bad press, he's still there...I thought he was more hated than Hitler?!? He HAS to win, if the show is based on finding someone with the Xfactor, in my opinion her has it! Olly is good, but he's more of a Robbie, Danyl is more of a male diva kinda performer!!

Ok, xfactor rant over....

Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

Champneys SOS Mask from Sainsburys

Great for drying out small spots, and clearing out the pores. Expensive though, £5 for that tiny tube!


Love this stuff...Put it on before you wash your hair!!

Colour Wheel

I really like this colour wheel for when I'm thinking of what eyeshadows to match up together :-)

My Makeup Collection

These pics are a few months old, and I've bought a lot more since...I think I have an addiction :-s


My skin is SO bad at the moment. I have like cystic acne on my jawline -Obviously my hormones playing's really doing my head in! I'm trying everything that I can think of to make them go away, it's getting a little better, but not really...!!
I got to thinking, and thought I'm sure there are other people in the world with this stupid, stubborn problem so I'm going to list what I've tried, what worked, what didn't to date, and then when I try something new (I'm a skin care junkie, so I will be buying more stuff!), I will record that too. I am on the pursuit of perfect skin...

So, to date I have used...

1) I'm always taking evening primrose oil supplements, so I though you know how they say to pierce a hole in vitamin e capsules, and apply that on the face, why not the evening primrose oil?! So, I pierced 2 capsules, mixed it with a bit of Decleor Neroli oil(Love this stuff!) and applied it on all day - I really piled it on ( I wasn't going out!). I then exfoliated it off...It made my skin quite glowy actually. Really moisturised! Didn't do anything for the spots though lol! So, a good tip for dry skin I guess...!!

2) NEEM. Ok, so this tree is known as "Natures Drugstore", and is meant to heal sooo many ailments. Google it, you'll find loads on it. So, I bought some neem powder mask from an Indian grocery store (I'll update with pics and links later). You mix the powder with water, and apply as a facemask. OMG SO GOOD!! Seriously, I put it on at night (I always put masks on at night, then put on my night products, as your skin re-generates at night so the effects of the mask will work for longer...Well that's what I think!), I left it on for about an hour, even though you're not meant to...but I was watching ANTM...and didn't want to miss anything! Then I washed if off etc...Put on my tea tree oil and panoxyl 10 on the bits which are stubborn (Make sure you don't actually mix these two'll result in burnt skin...Not nice!) and I woke up and my skin was sooo much clearer. Some of the big bumps actually went down!! I still don't have clear skin, but it's helped!

Once I try more things, I will let you guys know! If you want to know about the skin care products I've been using...that I like, and don't like...Let me know!

Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

Friday, 4 December 2009


I love koalas!!

Review: Egyptian Magic

So, it's meant to be this 'magical' cream that's meant to work wonders.
Let me start with the texture...The best way to describe it is it's like coconut oil. Solid at room temperature but then melts with heat. It's not actually that greasy, which is a good thing I guess. The smell is tolerable, there isn't really one, and it kinda just vanishes.
The first few nights I put it on, I expected to wake up with amazing skin...I didn't! I was asking for too much I guess, but I at least should've seen an improvement, right?! It was just the same, so I used to for a couple of weeks...Hoping...And still saw nothing. So, I was left with half a tub of Egyptian Magic...Great.
I then went onto the website, to see if I was doing something wrong (I wasn't!), but I read some testimonials, and one lady was saying how good it was for her hair, so I tried it...Left it in overnight for maximum impact. When I washed my hair the next day, I found less hair fell out...Good start. Then when I was combing it, it was actually tangle free...!! Then I styled it, and it was sooo shiny and healthy looking.
So, although its not that great for the skin, its great for hair! Try it!! If you have any questions about the product, just ask :-)
Love from MyFrosted WorldXXX

Thursday, 3 December 2009

My first FROSTED entry...

Hey Guys!

I don't really want to give my name etc...out on this...Just yet!! I just started a blog as my head is full of tips and tricks that I've tried out on myself, so thought why not share...?!

I'm going to be blogging about makeup, fashion, beauty tips, and anything else in-between! I may rant at times too! I will also have guest bloggers now and then, just to mix it up a bit!!

If there is anything you want me to review or any tips you need on any beauty problems...Just ask! I know LOADS about natural remedies!!

Love from MyFrostedWorldXXXX