Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Neem Facemask

In one of my first posts, I spoke about neem and how good it is. I can't remember if I put a link on about it, but I'll add one just in case :

Neem Info:

Anyways, I've got some pics and an ebay link as to where you can get the mask if you don't find it in your nearest Asian/Indian grocery store (I love going in them when my mum goes shopping, as I always find so many masks and hair oils!)

The ebay link: (It's a different brand to the one I have in my photos, but it's the same thing.) It's cheaper in shops, as I got mine for 99p!

Anyways, to the photo's:

This is the box and how it comes:

The mixture when you put water in - its quite a weird one to mix, it doesn't mix straight away, you have to mix it for a bit till they amalgamate.


This is what the mixture looks like wet on the skin, the dry pics aren't showing up that well but once its dried, you'll be able to tell because your whole face will go tight. The packet should have instructions, if not then just use your judgement - if it doesn't sting or anything leave it on till your face feels tight, if not leave it on for as long as you feel is right.

Ok, that's the neem pack. I hope it helped and hope you guys try it out, because it is a really good herbal alternative to good skin. After you wash it off, your face will feel fresh and clean. If it feels dry then just moisturise with your usual cream. I prefer to do this at night, becase as I've said before your skin regenerates whilst you sleep so if you put your mask on, then go to sleep, it'll carry on working, you're helping it re-generate so it'll look better in the morning (well, that's what I like to think lol!).

If you have any questions, just comment below.

Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

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