Monday, 7 December 2009

How to eliminate winter dry skin

So, winter always makes our skin dry ...heating, the cold wind...blah blah...You guys know why!!
I have some tips to eliminate & prevent it from happening:

1) Steam your face...The steam from the water moisturises your skin. So, if your skin is REALLY dry, slather your face in an oil, like olive or almond oil & if you have oily/spot prone skin add a little fresh lemon juice, then steam youe face. Steam it till u can rub the dry skin off...then once that's done, exfoliate & put on a moisturising mask if you have dry skin, and a deep cleansing mask (to prevent any spots from coming up!) if u have oily skin.

2)Invest in a balm..I love the Decleor balms, there's one for every skin type. They are sooooo good for the winter. Other brands also do balms, or you could make your own:

3) Some natural cures for dry skin:
* Honey and Milk mixed up and applied to the skin. If you have oily skin, put in a bit of yoghurt to the mixture.

*Mix together rose water and glycerin (You can get both from a pharmacy), and massage your face at least twice a week.

*As cucumber has a high water content, it is really moisturising - shred up some and apply to your face. It's quite messy on its own, so bind it with some yoghurt and gram flour. Apples can work in the same way.

*Mash up half an avocado, half a papaya and one banana - this should make a thick paste & and apply as a thick layer. This is also really good for the hair too!!

4) Change your moisturiser for Winter...!!! If you suffer from really bad skin in the winter, opt for a more moisturising moisturiser, as our skin types always change, so we need to adapt our routine to it...Work WITH your skin!!

5) Vitamin E tablets - work wonders taken orally, or applied directly to the skin. BUT when taking it, make sure you can like with all other medication.

Btw...I've tried ALL of these things...!!!

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