Sunday, 31 October 2010

Lazy Sunday waffle

Hey Guys,

How was everyones weekend?

This has been such a hectic week, so I really needed the extra hour today. However, I woke up at 7:50am, which would've been 8:50am I guess but I wanted to wake up at 12 or something. I ended up going to town to return some bits, and ended up buying a dress :-s

On Monday I was in 5 different places in one day, Leicester, Oxford, Staines, London, Windsor...!
Tuesday back to Leicester, and had Wednesday off :D Then Thurs and Friday I had a course in Milton Keynes. Then yesterday I went to Westfields in London (did you know there was one in Derby too?!) for some shopping. I'm going to do a haul post soon, as I got a few nice pieces for winter.

So, I caught up on X-factor this morning, as I was up so early! It was really not the best...I liked Cher's song the best, but I agree with Simon, Cheryl is turning her into herself! Being a huge MJ fan, I was expecting Thriller to be in there, but I hated Aidan's version! What does everyone else think? I was expecting it to pick up, but it never did! It's such a iconic dance song, and his version was dull.

I've got the Phyto Hair growth serums, but used it once and my hair started shedding a bit again, so I'm a bit unsure as to whether I should carry on using it or not. I might just give it to my mum to use. I'll let you know how she gets on with it.

Oh, it was my friends birthday and I got her a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet with some charms, which is really cute. However, they have a new perfume out called Rose Charm and I love the smell. It's gorgeous. Its my next perfume purchase. If you get the chance, smell it. It's not anything different, or special but it's really nice. I also bought us both a Mac Strobe Cream as it's meant to be really good with foundation. Has anyone got it? What else can I do with it other than mix it with my foundation? Any random tips? I used it today, and really liked how glowy my foundation looked with it. I got it in the pump version, rather than the tube - it's much easier.

Ok, I think I've waffled too much! I'll put up a haul post either today or tomorrow!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Love ShameeraXxX

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Granola Bars

So, following on from my health kick post, I've made some granola bars. I had the day off as I had my final
Accutane hospital appointment. Oh I'm officially of that stuff, but the nurse prescribed me some Retin-A. Has anyone used that?
Anyways, back to the granola bars, so I went to Asda and bought all the ingredients. Some nuts, dried fruits, maple syrup, seeds and oats.
I amended the recipe, as I said I would. I added ground ginger, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, and 2 tablespoons of melted butter, and half maple syrup with half manukka honey.

The important question is, are they nice? Urrrmmm...Yeah, they are for what they are. They're nutty and oaty. I wish I hadn't put the fruit in though, as I don't like the taste of them (I added strawberry and mango). I don't think they're going to make me want to eat breakfast though, and they were quite expensive to make! All the above costed me £10. However, it is for a lot of bars, not just 1 I guess....! My mum loved them, as she loves all those tastes, but I just don't!

(Pardon the blurry photo!)

Would I make them again? No! I prefer the Special K bars, so I'd rather just pay for them.

Let me know if you guys try it out!

Love ShameeraXxX

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Fashion Street, London. E1

Last night we went for some food on Brick Lane. I've never been there, but have read the book, which is brilliant by the way if you haven't read it (get it cheap here if you're interested). Anyways, it a road packed full of Asian food. It's so lively and vibrant and we got a meal for £10 each with the first drink free! To get there you just take the tube to Liverpool Street, and it's like a 5minute walk through a few alley ways. It was quite the opposite of Knightsbridge and Harrods lol!!

Anyways, on the way we went through a street called Fashion Street. How cool is that?!

It's also very near The Gherkin...Can you see it in the background?!

I get excited everytime I go to a new place in London...Yes, I am that sad!! I love London though, as theres so much to do and see.

Next on our list is Notting Hill and then Camden. Where else would you recommend for me to explore? Which is your fave part of London?

Love ShameeraXxX

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Health Kick

Hi Guys,

Hope everyone is well?

I've been so bad with food for the past few weeks, and have barely gone to the gym. I am now feeling it :-s
I checked, and I haven't put on any weight, thank god but I need to go back to the working out and healthy eating.
I am thinking of making some breakfast/cereal bars, as I never eat breakfast which is something I want to change. I've have found this recipe, to which I've made some  a lot of changes to.

65g low fat margarine - I'll use low fat peanut butter as a binder instead.
160ml runny acacia blossom (or similar) honey - I always use Manukka Honey - It's much better for you.
50g brown sugar - I think I'll leave this out, or just add a sprinkling.
130g wholemeal flour
200g rolled oats
100g sunflower seeds
160g chopped dried apricots, dates and raisins mixed - Just the dates for me!
50g chopped nuts (walnuts/pecans)
25g sesame seeds - No thanks! I want to try linseed's as they're meant to be really good for you. Sesame seeds are so full of oil and quite fatty. Plus, I'm not a fan.

Method (If you want to make the original recipe haha!)
In a small saucepan melt the margarine over a low heat. Add the honey and sugar, stir and bring to the boil. Simmer for five minutes then remove from the heat and let it cool slightly.
In a large bowl combine the rolled oats, flour, sunflower seeds, dried fruit, nuts and sesame seeds. Gradually stir in the sugar mixture and firmly press into a greased baking dish about 25cm x 18cm. Bake at 350F/180C/Gas Mk 4 for 25 minutes or until golden.
Leave to cool and cut into bars.

I'm just going to put it all in a bowl, mix it up and leave it to set. Hope it works :-s I'll keep you posted! Has anyone got any other good recipes? Or low fat recipes that would keep me full?

When I need to motivate myself to go to the gym, I do a number of things:
1) Watch Music channels, they're all so slim and toned...Motivation!
2) Look at clothes you want to wear, but cant!
3) Think about how good you will look and feel afterwards.
4) Drink some green tea (or coffee as I sometimes do :-s) half an hour before, and it will perk you up. Another thing is diet coke, I know it's not healthy but it really perks me up.
Also, keep hydrated through the day (with water!) so that you don't become lethargic by the end of the day if you go after work like myself.
5) If you're feeling sleepy/tired, take some multi-vitamins + iron. Chances are, you could be lacking in something.
6) Doing fun classes. I really enjoy Pilates & Power Plate.
7) Lots of good some good stuff so that you look forward to listening to it.

Have you got any tips on getting yourself to the gym? Mine are all pretty shallow lol!
I've just motivated myself to go ....

Have a great Sunday :D
Love ShameeraXxX

Saturday, 23 October 2010

The best carrot cake in the world

I was on my way to lunch with my friend and was speaking to a friend on the phone. I mentioned to him that we were going to Druckers, and he said I had to try the carrot cake. I'm not a huge fan of the stuff, it's nice...but not amazing. However, I saw it and bought it...and it was good times :D If you see a Druckers anywhere, try the carrot cake, with the cream cheese frosting...Yumm...I want some more...!
Here's the pic I sent to him to show him what he was missing out!

Love Shameera XxX

Meet my Nioxin Family

After reading up on load and loads (and loads) of hair loss sites, products, remedies...I remembered I was watching this girl on YouTube who was doing a Roaccutane diary, and she mentioned that Nioxin shampoo helped her. So, of course being the person that I am, I went searching for it online and have slowly ended up with 5 products.
Firstly, I bought the Scalp Therapy, which is the conditioner, follicle booster and Scalp activator (freebie). To be honest, I thought I was buying shampoo, and not conditioner as I had stopped using conditioner after I realised it was making my hair fall more, as explain in this post. I didn't realise till I was in the bath, hair wet and it came out thick...I thought huh?! Looked at the bottle and it said conditioner. I ended up using it in conjunction with my garlic shampoo...Double up on the hair loss ingredients right?! The conditioner has that nice menthol tingling sensation, like those Heads and Shoulders. Anyways, after the shampooing and conditioning put on the follicle booster on the most effected areas. How weird is it that the hair on my left hand side is not as bad as my right?! After that, you spray on the activator. A lot of products...but what they heck?! The scalp activator is meant to make your scalp red and a bit uncomfortable for a bit, and honestly it doesn't last long and then you forget its there. I then just put on a heat protection and then do my usual styling business.
I used the shampoo for the first time today, and I like it...I mean it doesn't do anything, no tingling or anything and washed out my oil and elasticizer out beautifully clean. With this I got a free thickening gel so I used that with all the other stuff mentioned above.
I've just straightened my hair and I have to say I'm impressed, you would not be able to tell that I lost about 30% of my hair. On a hair loss front, since chopping it, and starting Nioxin I probably lose around 10 hairs a day...which is amazing. Also, I know I hate it and all that, but short hair is so easy - Wash, leave it and blast with the hair dryer and I'm done - no need to straighten!
I did try taking pics of my hair, but it's too dull as it's rainy and gloomy here in Leicester and you couldn't really tell that well.
Here's my little family of hair products:
So, do I recommend it? So far, yes...But I'll use it for another 2 weeks or so and get back to you! If you decide to buy it, I got my conditioner and scalp products from and the shampoo from
Oh I've also ordered Phyto Hair Growth Serum treatment, which is meant to be amazing for hair growth, so I'll keep you posted as to when it comes, and if it works for me :)

Have a great weekend....Even in this weather!
Love ShameeraXxX

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Beauty gone wrong...

I was looking at photos of Kim Kardashians 30th birthday, and couldn't help but notice how different she looks after her botox. I've been watching the new series of Kardashians online (love it!), and saw her face after she had it done, it was like someone had smacked her in the face. The thing is, she's so beautiful, it's just shocking that she would think she needed botox. She did not need it.

I accept that she's probably a lot younger in the before pic, but you can see the botox-ness in the second pic. She didn't need it.

Anyways, so this got me thinking, what stupid things do we do to make us feel more beautiful, when in actual fact has an adverse reaction, or we dont even need it? For example with me, the Roaccutane. I heard so many horror stories about it, but chose to ignore them, thinking it wont happen to me. Appreciate what it did for my skin, but what it did to my hair that I had been growing for years is unforgivable. I loved my hair, and now that it's gone, my self confidence has gone with it...! I wish I'd researched it more, just as I'm sure Kim Kardashian wishes she didn't do the botox. I love that I can use her as a role model, as she's still hott! Then again, I guess we can thank god we didn't do anything as drastic as this:

Have you done anything that you thought would make you feel better, but instead made you feel/look worse?? What did you do to make yourself feel better? I think I need to bring some positivity to my blog!!

Love Shameera XxX

Sunday, 17 October 2010

EOTN - Dessert and a movie (that never happened!)

Another look with the amazing Naked palette...

Lid - Smog
Crease - Hustle
Highlight - Sin
Black liner all around and masacara.

Oh and a backshot of my hair....I hate it so much :-s So now, I not only need to stop it falling but also grow fast...!

Love ShameeraXxX

Friday, 15 October 2010

End of the week waffle

This is going to be a bit of a ramble post, like I tend to do when I can't sleep at night. Extremely therapeutic, I think!

I just watched the first two episodes of The Only Way is Essex and it's a Hills wannabe. Omg they make the cast of The Hills and The City look Oscar worthy! Lauren is so annoying, I swear...I just want to smack her! Her attitude towards Mark is mad...Who starts shouting and swearing in the middle of a club?! I wish her name wasn't Lauren as it makes me think of Lauren Conrad, who she so is not. Then you have Amy, oh good god...Seriously, no words!! Having said all that, I love it and am going to keep on watching it. I'm such a sucker for bad TV!! Are you guys watching it? What do you think?

I'm getting my hair chopped off tomorrow. I posted the pic of Jessica Simpson the other day, you can find it here. However, since then I watched Friends and loved Rachel's bob cut...I want a mixture of those 2 cuts.
I really like her cut here, as it's a bob but not as short...I'm taking this to the hairdressers and just going to do it. My hair still hasn't stopped shedding so may as well chop the bitches off right?! It's really doing my head in. I've ordered Nioxin, so lets see if that does anything if that does anything. Doubt it, but someone on YouTube said that it helped their hair, and I am desperate. One of the guys at work also said rubbing lemon on, washing your hair and then putting on black seed oil made his hair grow back...So I'm doing that when I wash my hair next. Anyways, everyone pray for my hair please...Lol!

I've been so bad this week, Pizza Hut twice....!! So bad! Although, I've been going to the gym...However, don't know if that'll make a diff with like 10,000cals for lunch. I didn't have the cookie dough though, and that's the best thing Pizza Hut do. I wasn't even hungry today...! Why do we do that?!

Oh, I was looking at one of the fashion blogs...I can't remember which one now but she mentioned a site I'd never heard of - and love some of the stuff on there. I swear, if they had paypal I would've spent loads this evening, I just didn't have the energy to get up and go get my handbag out of my car boot! I'll get some stuff tomorrow. I also need my winter coat, has anyone seen any nice ones around? I'm thinking I want a cape style one. Have you got yours yet? Which one did you buy?

Urm...Do I have anything else to waffle about...Hhmmm...!! I don't think so!

I'll do a post tomorrow of my hair, if it comes out nice that is!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Love ShameeraXxX

Thursday, 14 October 2010

I'm on facebook!!!

I know I'm a blogger with like a million followers, but I wanted to make a facebook page, so I did haha! It just looks like fun..!!

Here is the link, it'd be great if you 'like' me!!

Love ShameeraXxX

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Haircut...Opinions please!! :-)

I'm getting my hair chopped on Saturday! Short this time, and I wont chicken out! I've been looking at hairstyles and I like this look the best...

What do you guys think???

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Creme De La Mer...Week One

Hi Guys,

I thought I would do a one week review of the cream as I have already seen really good results with it!

Firstly, let me start by explaining how I use it. When you purchase it, the sales assistant explains how to use it. Basically, you take a tiny bit, rub it with your fingertips so that the cleam becomes clear and then you pat it into your skin. I use this day and night. Although, I still have a pot of Liz Earlse Superskin, so I'm thinking of using that up in the day now.

After the first night that I used it, I noticed a difference. When I woke up my skin was so soft, it was like a babys bottom! So soft...Esp after Accutane which left my skin dry and dull. After a few more nights, my skin became softer, glowier and the scars are diminishing. I was also worried that because I have come off the Accutane, that I would get spots as this cream is quite thick. Nope :) In fact its clearing my spots that Accutane left. So far, after just one week I need less foundation, and my skin is looking better than it ever has. There isn't any redness, and I think my skin colour has gotten lighter...Although this could just be the regenration effect of this cream! This could be a expensive version of Fair & Lovely haha...!!

All in All...Totally worth the £92 :D

I will do another update in a month.

Love ShameeraXxX

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Cupcakes :D

We had a bake-off at work for Children In Need...As you can imagine, it was good times! One of the girls made a Chocolate and Peanut butter cheesecake (yummmm!) it was a Nigella recipe which can be found here. I want more...I love cheesecake!
Anyways, thought I'd show you my cupcakes which came in second to the cheesecake. I will accept this defeat as it was so good!

I love decorating cakes, it's so much fun! I made some last month too for Eid that you can see here.

Have a great weekend :)

The Salt Water Cleanse

Well, I spoke to a trichologist about my hair and to be honest she wasn't insightful at all. My internet findings have been so much more informative.
This is what I've found out so far...
Post Accutane hair loss is a common side affect that for some reason they haven't put on the medication leaflet, nor did the nurse tell me. I wouldn't have taken it if I knew about this. So, I am extremely fumed. The good new is that it's not permanent, and your hair stops falling, and grows back once it's out of your system. Which led me to stop my cod liver oil as this has a really high % of Vitamin A ,and also my hair tablets just in case it had vitamin A in it.
Second thing I decided to do was a full body detox. Now, I didn't want to do like a full fasting, eat nothing detox. I can't even bear the thought of that to be honest, especially as I'm going to the gym. I checked out the Master Cleanse - you know the one that Beyonce did? Lemon, Cayenne Pepper and Maple Syrup. If you want full detail on how to do it, go to this site as it provides the recipe too. It's a no eating one, so not for me. Another part of the Master Cleanse is the Salt Water Cleanse. This intrigued me as it wasn't a no eating thing, but it clears you out. The saltwater flush works by moving through the body and breaking up fecal matter, which is then carried out of the body with the water. The salt and water don’t separate, and it has the same specific density as blood. The kidneys, therefore, can not collect the water, and the blood cannot collect the salt. The liquid will move through the body uninterrupted and clean toxins from the intestines as it moves through. It really cleans out the colon and all your digestive organs. I like this article as it explains it well.
You mix 1 quart of water (Around 1.4litres) 2 Teaspoons of pure, non iodised Sea Salt, and as an optional ingredient which I would suggest you use, a few squeezes of lemon or lime. The first time I did it, I mis-read and put 2 tablespoons :-s However, the saltier the better, so the tablespoon could be a good thing...
You warm the water so that its room temperature/ luke warm, add your salt and lemon, mix it, and my suggestion would be to down it. As a side note, I would suggest using filtered water as tap water has lots of chemicals in, and bottle water is sometimes worse than tap water. Just get a Brita filter jug for £10 and you're on your way.

I couldn't drink a whole quart, so I had about 2 pint glasses. You are supposed to do it first thing in the morning, and on an empty stomach. There are people online who do it in the evening, and I personally am not doing anything without coffee in my belly in the morning..! And it worked! OMG!! Lol!

You drink it, then about 20-30mins later, you feel it 'brewing' up in your tummy, and then you 'cleanse'.
Other things you can do to aid the process is, once you've drunk your quart you can lie down on your right side for 30mins so that the mixture can go into your small intestine. You can rub your belly to break up any fecal matters that are lodged in your tummy and wont come out! Also, the night before it's recommended to drink some laxative tea, I didn't do this, but I guess you could try it.

I've been doing it for 2 days now, and I have to say, I feel lighter. I think this is a great way of clearing out toxins in your body, and I think it'll be a great way of clearing any remainder of the medicine in my body.

After doing this for a week, people have said their skin looks clearer, they have more energy, they feel lighter and have lost weight. I'm excited for all the added benefits :-)

Let me know if you guys decide to try this...I would suggest it!


Sunday, 3 October 2010

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Who knew babies had this much choice?!

Well, my shedding has gone back to it's worse... I'll be bald at this rate...I pray to God that he doesn't make me bald!
So, I was thinking mild shampoo...What could be more milder than baby shampoo? I mean it doesn't even sting when it goes in the eyes right?! I initially went to pick up the Johnson's & Johnson's one, but then saw so many different brands. My gosh...I was actually standing there confused, not knowing what to buy. There are organic ones, designer ones, environmental ones, and the natural, but not organic ones...So much choice!
I ended up picking one by Pure Adore. They are:
  • hypoallergenic
  • natural & organic ingredients
  • affordable
  • cute looking
  • no sodium laureth sulphate
  • no parabens
  • no artificial fragrance
  • no artificial colouring
  • not tested on animals
  • vegetarian & vegan friendly
Pretty impressive hey?! The product I bought was the Shampoo & Body wash.

It includes loads of natural and organic extracts, including linden flower, angelica, horsetail, red clover, elder flower and passionflower. It smells really nice too.
So, does it work?
This was the first ever shampoo I have used without SLS and I was expecting it not to bubble up. It foams up nice and smooth. I had coconut oil in my hair, which is usually difficult to get out, but 2 washes and my hair was squeaky clean. Did my hair fall? Yes :-( But the shampoo, it liked it. Left my hair clean, and soft.

I've decided to go to see a Trichologist for my hair. I know its the roaccutane, but just on the off chance it's something else...I'm going to see one. Doing the google search, I only found one in Leicester. I'll call up on Monday.

Anyways, I'm off out...So have a great evening everyone :D
Love Shameera xXx