Sunday, 7 March 2010

Ooopppsss...Forgot about the tablets!

I started taking Perfectil tablets, they're for skin, hair and nails which is primarily why I bought them. However, they were also the only multi-vitamin I could find without Vitamin A as I'm not allowed to take it with Roaccutane as that's a high dose of Vitamin A.
Anyways...OMG!! This stuff is amazing!! My hair has always been a slow grower...It's been annoying me since the day I was born. Like literally, I was a bald baby lol! Ok, not really but my hair just wouldn't grow and my mum would rub oils in my scalp etc...hahaha!! After taking this, my hair has grown an INCH in a month!! I'm not lying, like seriously...I'm constantly trimming my fringe!! This tablet could also be part of the reason why my skin has cleared up after taking them. They're £8.99 in Boots, but £6 in Superdrug. However, Superdrug have their own range, and having compared the ingredients they're EXACTLY the same but for £4, and at the moment, they're 3 for 2 - so £8 for 3months worth. Bargain :-)

This is what the Roaccutane looks like....

Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

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