Saturday, 8 May 2010

EOTD - I found my camera :-)

My first ever EOTD was a bit of a pathetic attempt in terms of photos, all you could see was my lid lol!
Well, I've found my camera, I had never used it and it was packed away somewhere safe, I just couldnt remember where I put it. It was up in my cupboard...I really know how to look after my things...:-s lol!

I did this look last night, as I was going to watch The Backup Plan. I am the BIGGEST JLO fan ever...Omg I love her style, and she is so funny! I love her. She's my style-crush!! Her makeup is always so amazing too. She looked so good in the film too, especially in this white dress she wore, I think she had on some killer Louboutins with it. Anyways, enough perving...and onto the EOTD. Good film by the way, very funny!

It was rainy, but warm-ish so I wanted something natural and summery so I went to my beloved Paradisco :-) I love that colour so much, with Retrospeck as a highlight. I'm still loving the colour eyeliner look. So, I added on Urban Decay Electric voila!

Before the liner...
Shoot...You can see random plucked hairs on my forehead... :-s

After Liner application:

(sorry its so blurry!)

I did photos of liner and without liner, just to show how nice it looks for a day time look. I haven't applied my mascara properly, just just tips - I applied it properly after. On my lips I have Smashbox O-gloss ( it's a clear gloss, which changes colour on application.

Hope you enjoyed this post :-)

Love from MyFrostedWorldxxx

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