Sunday, 16 May 2010

Face (and hair) Oil Treatment

Hey Guys!
Hope everyone is well and enjoying the sunny weather. I'm hopefully going to pop into John Lewis later to pick up another jar of my Decleor Hydra-floral as its run out :-( I go through so much of it but it's so lovely! I won't use anything else on my face.

Anyways, something I forgot to mention yesterday in my Roaccutane tips post was oil treatments for the face. This is something I try to do a few times a week, as it really moisturises the skin and helps fade away the redness. It's meant to be really good in fading away scars, or make them look less noticeable.

What you need:
Vitamin E capsules
Carrier oil such as Olive oil. I used Avocado oil this time which is just as good, if not better. Other oils which you could use are Argan oil, Almond oil or just another face oil like the Decleor ones. This is because the vitamin e oil is quite sticky and hard to apply. A 'softer' oil just helps with the application.

You then cut open the capsules, I used about four or five - a little snip with scissors and squeeze out the contents. You then just simply mix up the two oils together and apply to your face and decollete area. You can then add the rest to the ends of your hair.

Then leave it on for as long as possible - I usually do it on a sunday morning, as I don't tend to have a bath till late afternoon/evening lol! If you feel its sunk in during the day, just add a little more carrier oil and rub it in.
When you come to wash it out - exfoliate with hot as you can handle water. Then carry on with your usual moisturiser.
Try this out , it's really good :-)
Enjoy your weekend!
Lots of Love MyFrostedWorldxxx

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