Saturday, 1 May 2010

My very first...Eye of The Day! :-)

I'm going out tonight to watch It's a Wonderful Afterlife, but I have so many things to do before I go. so I did my makeup now, so I just have to check for touchups in the evening.

Anyways, so I needed a natural day eye which could transend into night. I recently purchased ricepaper, so definetely wanted to try that out, and I'm really liking the coloured eyeliner trend so I wanted to incorporate that too. This is what I came up with. I'm REALLY sorry for the poor quality photos, I don't think you can even see in anything in them!

Oh before I go into the makeup, I just wanted to say I love Mac zoom lash. I got it as a sample size in a look in a box kit, and absolutely love it! It's amazing, from one coat you get lashes like they're false!

Ok, to the really bad, and quite frankly pointless photos:

 Look at my lashes!
The photo above is really decieving as it makes my lashes look thin, when they look really nice and full. Look at the length though....:-)

I wish you could see the makeup. Basically, I used the following products:

TooFaced Shadow Insurance
Mac Rubenesque Paintpot
Mac Ricepaper - Lid
Mac Swiss Chocolate & a little Espresso in the crease.
Liners - Purple Sabaya liner on top, and a black (I think my Lancome sample!) liner in the water and tightline.
Mac Zoom Lash.

I have got a digital camera, next time I do one of these, I will dig it out...I just have to remember where I put it! :-s

Hope you enjoy this, and have a great weekend!
Love from MyFrostedWorld.

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