Saturday, 31 July 2010

Haircare...I promise!!

My hair had been feeling really dry for a while, so I needed a really moisturising shampoo and conditioner. I had had enough of the high street brands, so decided to luxury...Well, expensive! Kerastase. This is the stuff hairdressers wash your hair with, so I thought I dont like the way they style my hair, but it does always feel soft and moisturised so why not use it at home?! So I bought the shampoo and conditioner from the dry hair range. I LOVE the smell of this stuff, even in the salons, it's gorgeous and it lasts too. Love it! Plus it really has made my hair feel softer, shinier and more moisturised after 2 uses. So, I'm convinced that you need to pay for hair care.
Having said that, I'm totally going to contradict myself and say I still love the Garlic shampoo which is only around $3, but with P&P comes up to around £7-8.  Seriously, you cant beat this stuff for thicker, fuller hair...It's amazing! My hair is still growing. My aunt used it when she came to stay and took my new bottle!! I didn't even get to try out the new conditioner lol! I'll re-order and let you know if the conditioner is any good.

Another thing I've been doing with my hair is using coconut water. This stuff is great for skin and hair. It's really moisturising my skin and making my hair nice too. However, I can only do this whilst coconuts are in season, and you cant leep coconut water for too long as it turns into alcohol!

I think I'm all up to date now...I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Lots of love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

Shoes and a Ramble

Omg the people who I took my FREE blog template from have removed the photo from photobucket so I was left with a blog with no words for goodness knows how long! I am not happy! So, I've downloaded a free blogspot template, it's okay I guess but no way as nice as my previous blog template and background. I'll have to play around with it again...
Anyways, check out my new shoes - £35 from M&S!! Yeah, you wouldn't believe that they would have something so funky in their range...They're quite comfortable too. However, as they're very high they do take a bit of getting used too...Love them though! Photo taken at work, so pardon the bag handle, boring carpet and chair wheels!

Ok, now to the next blog post...Oh yeah this was meant to be about hair..Sorry..Next one really will be hair care!!

Lots of Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

A bunch of random bits...

I've really been bad with my blogging lately, not updating for weeks at a time but I want to get back into in so I though I'd start of with a bumper edition of EOTD's, Shoes, Haircare and some makeup. I think I'll seperate them out though.

It was my cousins wedding last week, and as with most, if not all Indian/Asian weddings they go on for weeks and finish lately every night! So, I had a whole week of work during the day and late nights...It was loads of fun though. Plus with my never greasy hair I only had to wash it once as I didn't go to the gym! Hahaha! I took pics of my EOTD's, well EOTN(ights!) but I can only find 2 of them, I think I accidentally deleted them.
This is a purple smokey eye. I achieved this look with Benefit eyebright as the base, Mac Trax on the Lid, Shadowy Lady in the crease and lash line, RicePaper as highlight. Then Benefit BadGal Eyeliner on the lash, water line and tight lined. Then my beloved Giorgio Armarni mascara, this is totally HG...It's amazing!!

Second EOTN(ight) is a Dark brown smokey eye. For this I used Mac Mulch on the crease with Graphiology and Embark in the crease and RicePaper as highlight. Base is Eyebright again, and same liner and mascara as above. However, this time I dragged the liner on the bottom lash line too and smudged it out. I also added RicePaper as a inner corner highlight.


Oh yeah, I wanted to say a little about Benefit Eye Bright. I got it with the Glamour promotion last month (as well as the BadGal liner and the concealor pen) and I wasn't too sure what to do with it. It says that you put it on the inner and outer corners to brighten your eyes but it didn't really do anything for me. Maybe it didn't work on my skin and eyes as I'm quite olive toned, so the pink/whiteness looks odd. So I just had it lying around. So, one day I couldn't find my UDPP and used it as a eye base instead, and it was actually quite good. It works like a Mac shadestick.

I also have a tip. Everyone must be knowing about the effects of good brightening eyedrops, however I've found the best ones...Everrr! EyeDew! These brighten, whiten and make your eyes sparkley. A couple of drops before doing a smokey look and your eyes will look amazing! I like to leave these in the fridge for a while before I put them in so that they really cool and soothe my eyes too.

Makeup blog post done, I think I'll do my new haircare next...
Lots of Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

What the Frick!?!?!? :O

I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO ANGRY!! I bought some hair extentions yesterday and they have WHITE HAIRS in them...YES...WHITE HAIRS!! Not just one or two, but loads so that I cant even pick them out. I am so angry...Why would I pay £60 for hair extentions with WHITE hair?! Why would I want to put white hair in my hair?!?! I am going to go and return them tomorrow.
Moral of the story - CHECK before you buy!!!

National Cheesecake Day's on July 30th... Any excuse for cheesecake!!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Youth Code Part Deux...Oh and a short skin story!

Hey Guys,

So a while ago I spoke about buying L'oreal Youth Code, and how much I liked it. Well,  that was after 2 days and I never really did a review after. Bad, I know. So, I thought let me catch up and do one...

Well, when I first started using it, I really enjoyed it. I would wake up with moisturised skin and it did give a slight glow which roaccutane had taken away (yep, that happens on the wonder drug!). Having carried on using it, I have found a improvement in lines around my eyes. They seem to be less deep, and more filled out. This is great, as usually creams tend to say they'll do this but never do. However, I'm not sure if it's the eye cream or day cream or both which is doing it. Probably the combination. Whatever works right?! It works out a lot cheaper than other anti-ageing products so well worth buying it. I think it's currently on offer in Boots.

Now, on to a Crem de la Mer story...I have always wanted to try this product as it's what JLO swears by and she has amazing skin, but have always read so many mixed reviews that I just never felt totally sure about it. Everytime I'd go to a counter they would never have samples. So, whilst I was visiting Verity, we went to the La Mer counter in Selfridges, and it was a nice lady (lucky!) and she massaged the cream onto our hands. We thought nothing of it...All creams make your hands look nice right?! So, Verity had a red mark on her hand...Cant remember where from, but the next day it was gone!! We are adamant that this was due to La Mer. Then when we compared hands, the hand which had the cream on actually looked much better than the other! No lie...!! This has made me want to buy the cream, so next time I go to a Selfridges I am buying a small pot.

Ok, I've got fresh coconut on my skin (It's so good for your skin!) so it's time to wash my face :-)

Have a great evening...
Lots of Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Reading List

Hey Guys,

How are you all? Hope everyones enjoying the weather. I'm loving it..I love summer!
So, I don't know about you, but unless I read, I can not sleep. Even if its a few sentences, it just relaxes me.I tend to get my books from Amazon. I always buy the used ones that are 1p. Why waste money on books when you can buy shoes right?!

It takes a lot for me to love a book though, and at times it can take me months to finish a book. However, recently I've read 3 books that I have loved.

Sophie Kinsella - The Undomestic Godess

Sophie Kinsella - Twenties Girl

and my fave, and the one I'm going to talks about is  Lindsey Kelk I Heart New York.

The book is based on Angela, who's life get turns upside down (I wont say how!) and she runs away to New York. She stays in a gorgeous hotel, where she meets a girl who ends up being her friend. She then meets 2 guys, (my fave is Tyler...Wall Street, rich and hot...!!) and she starts a blog!! I don't really want to say too much and give away the whole story, but I will say it's sooo sooo good. Its well written, till the end. I thought that it was not the best ending...It was a bit abrupt and it could've been more finished. Oh well, the actual story was great though, it made me want to leave everything and move to New York!!

I'm now going to go buy the rest of the 'I Heart' series, theres a Paris and Hollywood. I think I've seen an LA too.

Which are your fave books? I'm always on the lookout for new reading material!

Have a great day guys!
Lots of Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

Friday, 9 July 2010

Hello Hydration???

I recently bought the 'Hello Hydration' Herbal Essences - Shampoo, conditioner and the masque.
I'm not the hugest HE fan, but I thought it looks like it's changed so let me try again...I was wrong :-s
I love the smell, and I love how it lingers...but my hair, it doesn't feel hydrated. I can't tell a difference at all, and I've been using it for about 2 weeks now.
The masque...It does nothing :-s Like seriously, nothing...!! Only the smell of it makes me want to carry on using these products. When I put the masque on, I'll mix it with some oils so I'm actually getting a hair treatment.
I don't know how everyone else feels about these products, but they're not for me.
On the other hand though, the Garlic shampoo is still amazing :D I swear my hair has grown sooo much since using it, and it's become loads thicker too. My friend has found the same. I thoroughly recommend it. You can find info on it in my post here. Seriously guys, buy it!!
Another hair matter, I want to highlight my hair. I really want some natural looking colours put in but I'm also unsure as I dont currently have a hairdresser I trust. I hate that my hairdressers keep leaving me :-(

Ok, I'm off to have a shower now as I'm all sweaty from the gym...I just had to complain about HE's as I have currently got it on my head!!

Have a great evening everyone :-)

Love from MyFrostedWorldxxx

Thursday, 8 July 2010

It's here :D

I don't know if I've ever mentioned in my blog that I love JLO! Her style, hair, makeup, films, music...everything ...Oh wait, not her husband! But LOVE her!! So when I saw QVC had a JLO Watches show on Saturday, I was determined to buy one. I got this one in rose gold. I love it so so much, it's gorgeous!! Forget me waffling on, here are the photos....

How cute is this box? With the heart shape lid..LOVE!

Rose Gold...such a nice colour..Different from the usual gold.

Dont you just love the cushion it comes on??

I'll need to get some links taken out as its quite huge, but then it's going to be my everyday watch. I am so happy with it. I got it for £57 with P&P, but unfortunately it's gone back to £76+ £4.95 P&P.
And of course a photo of JLO looking amazing...

Ok, I'm off to bed now...Shattered!
Night everyone!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

EOS Lipbalm

I got the honeydew/honeysuckle flavour but really it's just the exact smell of a melon flavoured sweet :-s Not my favourite smell or taste.
However, the product is great!! Why didn't anyone think of making a lipbalm this shape before?! It's sooo cool! I know the usual stick or squidgy balms are fine to apply (I'm not the biggest fan of the pots where you have to dip your finger in - unhygienic & what do you do with the product left on your finger?!) The shape of this really means you get the whole lip covered.
The moisturising effects of this lipbalm are really good too. With my yucky roaccutane lips, I need so much moisture constantly that any old cheap product won't do. This one is great, I don't have to keep re-applying, I just do it because it's fun & tastes ok too :-)
The downside of this is mainly the smell, but that's easily rectifiable - I'll just order a different one next time. The price is another downside, I'm not usually one to complain about prices, but £7 (with p&p) is a bit much when you can get a good lipbalm eg Neutrogena norwegian formula for about £3.
Overall, Love the packaging, love the product.

Lot of Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

Sunday, 4 July 2010

I'm back with a huge haul!

I've been MIA for a while, partly because I was busy, and partly because I just wasn't motivated enough to do a blog!
Last weekend, I went up to Chester/Flintshire - England/Wales to visit my friend Verity. We has such a great weekend! On Friday we went to her local retail park, which had the usual shops DP, Next, Monsoon etc...and a shop I've never seen before called HomeSense. It had gorgeous home stuff and the prices were really reasonable too. Then in the evening we went to Cheshire Oaks to eat and watch Sex in the City2. LOVED that film so much, the fashion was amazing!! I loved Carries wardrobe...I want it all!!
Then on Saturday we went to Trafford Centre in Manchester, and being the huge Man United fan that I am we had to pay Old Trafford a visit too :D The evening was spent with chic-flick DVD's and cheesecake ...Yumm!!
Then Sunday we went to Cheshire Oaks to go shopping which was great! The week before I had been to Bicester Village and liked it, but didnt love it...Could have been something to do with the company I was in...but thats another story!! I did buy 2 tops and some MAC from the CCO though!!

I wanted to just keep this short and let my photos tell the story...

Theatre of Dreams...

Westwood Baby...!! Hahaha! £50something!

Do not buy these shoes!! The gold chain come off on the first day!!
(George - £15).

DP & Mood. My arms look so fat here :-s

DP - £40

Marc Jacobs baby :D

Love this necklace - £3 Miss Selfridge sale (From Selfridges though!)

Graphology, Shadowy Lady and Embark

River Island - £34.99

Next - £30

Old Trafford ofcourse!

Love this mascara - Giorgio Armarni - Eyes to Kill.
Great name, hey?!

Great packaging too.

I've still got loads more to show, but I'll leave that for another post!
Have a great weekend everyone!
Lot of Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX