Saturday, 31 July 2010

A bunch of random bits...

I've really been bad with my blogging lately, not updating for weeks at a time but I want to get back into in so I though I'd start of with a bumper edition of EOTD's, Shoes, Haircare and some makeup. I think I'll seperate them out though.

It was my cousins wedding last week, and as with most, if not all Indian/Asian weddings they go on for weeks and finish lately every night! So, I had a whole week of work during the day and late nights...It was loads of fun though. Plus with my never greasy hair I only had to wash it once as I didn't go to the gym! Hahaha! I took pics of my EOTD's, well EOTN(ights!) but I can only find 2 of them, I think I accidentally deleted them.
This is a purple smokey eye. I achieved this look with Benefit eyebright as the base, Mac Trax on the Lid, Shadowy Lady in the crease and lash line, RicePaper as highlight. Then Benefit BadGal Eyeliner on the lash, water line and tight lined. Then my beloved Giorgio Armarni mascara, this is totally HG...It's amazing!!

Second EOTN(ight) is a Dark brown smokey eye. For this I used Mac Mulch on the crease with Graphiology and Embark in the crease and RicePaper as highlight. Base is Eyebright again, and same liner and mascara as above. However, this time I dragged the liner on the bottom lash line too and smudged it out. I also added RicePaper as a inner corner highlight.


Oh yeah, I wanted to say a little about Benefit Eye Bright. I got it with the Glamour promotion last month (as well as the BadGal liner and the concealor pen) and I wasn't too sure what to do with it. It says that you put it on the inner and outer corners to brighten your eyes but it didn't really do anything for me. Maybe it didn't work on my skin and eyes as I'm quite olive toned, so the pink/whiteness looks odd. So I just had it lying around. So, one day I couldn't find my UDPP and used it as a eye base instead, and it was actually quite good. It works like a Mac shadestick.

I also have a tip. Everyone must be knowing about the effects of good brightening eyedrops, however I've found the best ones...Everrr! EyeDew! These brighten, whiten and make your eyes sparkley. A couple of drops before doing a smokey look and your eyes will look amazing! I like to leave these in the fridge for a while before I put them in so that they really cool and soothe my eyes too.

Makeup blog post done, I think I'll do my new haircare next...
Lots of Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

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