Saturday, 31 July 2010

Haircare...I promise!!

My hair had been feeling really dry for a while, so I needed a really moisturising shampoo and conditioner. I had had enough of the high street brands, so decided to luxury...Well, expensive! Kerastase. This is the stuff hairdressers wash your hair with, so I thought I dont like the way they style my hair, but it does always feel soft and moisturised so why not use it at home?! So I bought the shampoo and conditioner from the dry hair range. I LOVE the smell of this stuff, even in the salons, it's gorgeous and it lasts too. Love it! Plus it really has made my hair feel softer, shinier and more moisturised after 2 uses. So, I'm convinced that you need to pay for hair care.
Having said that, I'm totally going to contradict myself and say I still love the Garlic shampoo which is only around $3, but with P&P comes up to around £7-8.  Seriously, you cant beat this stuff for thicker, fuller hair...It's amazing! My hair is still growing. My aunt used it when she came to stay and took my new bottle!! I didn't even get to try out the new conditioner lol! I'll re-order and let you know if the conditioner is any good.

Another thing I've been doing with my hair is using coconut water. This stuff is great for skin and hair. It's really moisturising my skin and making my hair nice too. However, I can only do this whilst coconuts are in season, and you cant leep coconut water for too long as it turns into alcohol!

I think I'm all up to date now...I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Lots of love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

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