Thursday, 11 March 2010

Project 10MILLION Pan!!

Ok, after watching/reading about all these Project 10 Pans, I decided to do one...

I looked around my dressing room for things I could use up and I realised I have like 10million hair products!

Then today I went to John Lewis and saw they now stock OJON!! I picked up a hair kit, then remembered all these products and put them down :-( 
(I did however pick up Phytoba which is a shampoo for dry hair. I will do a review, once I've used it for a week).
 I am going to use up every single product here before buying anymore hair products (Apart from shampoo & conditioner lol!!) I also have like a bunch of oils, Olive, Almond, Coconut, Kalonji, Jojoba, Avocado & Argan...OMG!!! To start this, I gave my elasticizer to my aunt...!!

I'm just looking at the photo - I have TWO full bottles of dry shampoo...Just in case, 3 hairsprays, 2 salt water sprays, a bunch of conditioning treatments and TWO full bottles of John Frieda colour Glaze...!!


Is anyone else doing a project 10 pan??

Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

Monday, 8 March 2010


I forgot my lipbalms today - verrryyy bad news in roaccutane world! I could end up with sandpaper lips :-s
So I rushed over to sainsburys at lunch & got a carmex.
I have to say, I'm impressed! It tingled slightly, but it really softens the lips :-) I'm
glad I forgot my lipbalm now :-) lol!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Ooopppsss...Forgot about the tablets!

I started taking Perfectil tablets, they're for skin, hair and nails which is primarily why I bought them. However, they were also the only multi-vitamin I could find without Vitamin A as I'm not allowed to take it with Roaccutane as that's a high dose of Vitamin A.
Anyways...OMG!! This stuff is amazing!! My hair has always been a slow grower...It's been annoying me since the day I was born. Like literally, I was a bald baby lol! Ok, not really but my hair just wouldn't grow and my mum would rub oils in my scalp etc...hahaha!! After taking this, my hair has grown an INCH in a month!! I'm not lying, like seriously...I'm constantly trimming my fringe!! This tablet could also be part of the reason why my skin has cleared up after taking them. They're £8.99 in Boots, but £6 in Superdrug. However, Superdrug have their own range, and having compared the ingredients they're EXACTLY the same but for £4, and at the moment, they're 3 for 2 - so £8 for 3months worth. Bargain :-)

This is what the Roaccutane looks like....

Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

Skincare routine & random bits

Ok, so it's Sunday evening and there is abssolutely nothing on tv. I wish The Hills & The City would hurry and start up again!

Roaccutane update - Clear skin, but VERY dry!! It feels so rough. Remember how I was saying Hydra Zen was good?! Well, nope...Changed my mind..It doesn't keep you hydrated all day. Mid-afternoon I started getting tight-faced, something that has never happened with my HydraFloral. So, I wont be buying the Zen after all! It's ok for an hour or so, but for a whole day at work..Not so much! It would be great for someone with normal/combination skin, not dry. The side effects etc..still nothing much!!

Skin Care Routine - I'll make this quick, as I hate it when people go on about how they put their moisturiser on, or how they cleanse their face..It's not rocket!

Wash - Clarins Gentle Foaming cleanser. Every other day, I mix a little St Ives blemish scrub so that its not too harsh, but I get exfoliant in too.

Toner - I usually skip this step... However, when my face is really flakey, I will tone with Simple toner. Just to clear the flakes, then moisturise.

Moisturiser - My beloved Decleor Hydra floral. If I have a lot of spots, I mix in a little Eucerin Dermo-Purifier. Although, I've not had to use it for a while.

Night time - I wash with the same stuff. Then I apply an oil, either the Sanctuary oil which I have mentioned in an older post, bio oil , Decleor Neroli or  yesterday I bought a vitamin e oil - Superdrug range. They all do different things, so I adapt it to my skin. I love oils!  Then wherever I have a spot, I add a little panoxyl10 which really clears the skin up. I then apply an eye cream - I was using the Boot protect & perfect one, but didn't see anything with it...After all that hype. I'm currently testing the Lancome Genifique eye cream, it seems ok. I just want a great eyecream, so if anyone could recommend one, that would be great. I then slather on the eygyptian magic on my lips, especially now with the roaccutane!

Treatments - So once or twice a week I steam my face at home, then apply a mask. Right now, I'm loving Lancomes Pure Empreinte. It does really clarify and clean the skin. Leaving it matte and nice. I always do treatments at night so I can go to sleep straight after.
Then once a week, usually Sundays I go to the steam room and sauna at the gym - these clear out the skin much more than the home steamer. I LOVE sweating out all that crap. I love the feeling after where it's all soft and clean :-) I make sure I add a little oil on my face, a clarifying one and a conditioning treatment too. I then exfoliate and put a mask on in the shower.

Random gadget - Ok, makeupadikt (LOVE her, she's GREAT!!!) made a video about this electronic threader. She made it sound so amazing, I had to go out and get it! It is really good, but I think I still prefer the effect of when the professionals do it. So, I'll keep it as a touch up machine...! I heard so many great reviews, that I was actually disappointed when I got it. Maybe I'm just not using it properly :-s I don't know...But I think I could've done without spending £29.99 on it.

 Ok, thats it..I think!

Thanks for reading...
Love from MyFrostedWorldxxx