Sunday, 7 March 2010

Skincare routine & random bits

Ok, so it's Sunday evening and there is abssolutely nothing on tv. I wish The Hills & The City would hurry and start up again!

Roaccutane update - Clear skin, but VERY dry!! It feels so rough. Remember how I was saying Hydra Zen was good?! Well, nope...Changed my mind..It doesn't keep you hydrated all day. Mid-afternoon I started getting tight-faced, something that has never happened with my HydraFloral. So, I wont be buying the Zen after all! It's ok for an hour or so, but for a whole day at work..Not so much! It would be great for someone with normal/combination skin, not dry. The side effects etc..still nothing much!!

Skin Care Routine - I'll make this quick, as I hate it when people go on about how they put their moisturiser on, or how they cleanse their face..It's not rocket!

Wash - Clarins Gentle Foaming cleanser. Every other day, I mix a little St Ives blemish scrub so that its not too harsh, but I get exfoliant in too.

Toner - I usually skip this step... However, when my face is really flakey, I will tone with Simple toner. Just to clear the flakes, then moisturise.

Moisturiser - My beloved Decleor Hydra floral. If I have a lot of spots, I mix in a little Eucerin Dermo-Purifier. Although, I've not had to use it for a while.

Night time - I wash with the same stuff. Then I apply an oil, either the Sanctuary oil which I have mentioned in an older post, bio oil , Decleor Neroli or  yesterday I bought a vitamin e oil - Superdrug range. They all do different things, so I adapt it to my skin. I love oils!  Then wherever I have a spot, I add a little panoxyl10 which really clears the skin up. I then apply an eye cream - I was using the Boot protect & perfect one, but didn't see anything with it...After all that hype. I'm currently testing the Lancome Genifique eye cream, it seems ok. I just want a great eyecream, so if anyone could recommend one, that would be great. I then slather on the eygyptian magic on my lips, especially now with the roaccutane!

Treatments - So once or twice a week I steam my face at home, then apply a mask. Right now, I'm loving Lancomes Pure Empreinte. It does really clarify and clean the skin. Leaving it matte and nice. I always do treatments at night so I can go to sleep straight after.
Then once a week, usually Sundays I go to the steam room and sauna at the gym - these clear out the skin much more than the home steamer. I LOVE sweating out all that crap. I love the feeling after where it's all soft and clean :-) I make sure I add a little oil on my face, a clarifying one and a conditioning treatment too. I then exfoliate and put a mask on in the shower.

Random gadget - Ok, makeupadikt (LOVE her, she's GREAT!!!) made a video about this electronic threader. She made it sound so amazing, I had to go out and get it! It is really good, but I think I still prefer the effect of when the professionals do it. So, I'll keep it as a touch up machine...! I heard so many great reviews, that I was actually disappointed when I got it. Maybe I'm just not using it properly :-s I don't know...But I think I could've done without spending £29.99 on it.

 Ok, thats it..I think!

Thanks for reading...
Love from MyFrostedWorldxxx

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