Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Double Post

I just went to hospital for my skin appointment today, I didn't need to increase my dose or anything as I've had such a huge difference that I don't actually have any acne left. Today my nurse taught me about The Leeds Acne Grading system. Its the system used by doctors to grade the severity of acne, and to monitor the progress. I was a Grade 4 and now I'm not on the scale in 16 weeks, which I think shows how effective Roaccutane is. I actually can't find much on it online which is weird apart from the below:

Grade 1 (Mild Acne): characterized by the smallest form of blackheads which can felt rather than seen. These can often be felt or seen on the chin area.

Grade 2: (Acne Cosmetica): characterized by small blackheads or spots which can be caused by every day cosmetics used on the skin.
Grade 3: (Acne Vulgaris): is what most people visually recognize as acne, although all grades of this condition are in fact ‘acne’. Characterised by blackheads, papules and pustules
Grade 4: (Cystic Acne): the most severe form of acne which is characterized by blackheads, papules, pustules and cysts.

For my EOTD I just used black Liner in all on the lash line and waterline, and a little MSF on the lid and brow bone & inner corner. I also put a little above the eyebrow to highlight more. Oh, and I always forget, I groom my brows with clear mascara.

Ok, Leicester City are playing tonight so I'm off to supports them! Have a great evening everyone :-)
Lots of Love MyFrostedWorldxxx

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