Friday, 28 May 2010

Green Tea Recipes

Hey Everyone!

Hope you're keeping well??

I'm off work now till next Wednesday, well Tuesday as I have to drive back to Oxford. I swear that's my second home now! I actually know my way around, but have yet to go shopping there. Weird, I know! I've seen their town centre and it's very pretty but it was at night when we went out for a meal. I intend to leave early one of these days and go. Then again, this month is going to be tight as I'm having to pay £500 for my car service, MOT (it's 3 years old now!) tyres and car tax...What a waste of money?! I could be buying facials, makeup and clothes with that.
So, the point of this post is my newly resurrected habit of Green Tea. This stuff tastes so bad that I go through phases of drinking it and then stopping then starting back up. Well, I've started back up and with a vengeance. I'm so far on 4 cups a day - 2 caffeinated and 2 decaff. Green Tea has many benefits, including helping weightloss, high in anti-oxidants (I did a post on anti oxidants a while ago which you can find here) so helps you to look younger, there's even a study showing that it helps prevent cancer!

This got me to thinking, could I put green tea directly on my face to enhance the results?! I know there are a lot of products on the market containing green tea, including the Dove deodorant, which coincidentally I'm using now as it was on offer in Asda! I wanted to try making my own products using the actual tea. I started thinking and came up with the below.

Green Tea toner / Water Spritz:
I came up with this idea as I just dampened a cotton wool pad in my remaining tea and put it on my face lol! I thought, instead of adding it to boiling water, add it into some Evian or Volvic and let it brew for a while. Then decant into a spray bottle and put it in the fridge. When you're going out or feel too hot, just spray it on :-) Or you could use as a toner and just swipe the mixture on with cotton wool pads.

Exfoliating Facemask:
Instead of boiling green tea and adding it into the facemask, I thought why not put the leaves in and exfoliate with them?! Mix together some yoghurt, gram flour, honey and green tea leaves (just cut open a tea bag, that's what I did!). Make into a thick paste and put onto your face for 10-15mins, or till its set. Then wet your face a bit to loosen up the mixture and exfoliate. This will really enliven a complexion.

I hope you guys try these out and let me know the results :-)

I'm off to town now to return a top to Primark, it was so tight, I couldn't breathe!

Have a great day!

Lots of Love from MyFrostedWorldXX

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