Saturday, 15 May 2010

Ramblings and Roaccutane tips

I'm sat here on a Saturday night, it's cold and there isn't anything on TV to watch. I've just finished watching Cougar Town - It's great! So funny! It has Courtney Cox and Jordan from Scrubs in it. They've also got this hot guy in there, he plays the character Grayson...hott!! It's on Living TV but I've watched the first series online already, so I'm on the second series now. After this post, I'm going to catch up on GLEE!! Love that show, the music, the characters...Everything! Sue Sylvester is the best, she's so cool lol!

Ok, to the roaccutane tips. I thought to be honest that I would do a huge series on the treatment and list down all the side-effects, but I haven't. Which is really bad. Well, better late than never I guess...
I know I've documented all this previously, but just a little re-cap:

So, to start of with I want to speak about the first month you're on the medication. This is actually the worst. This is when the medicine pushes out all the oil to the surface, and all the spots. Omg when I started and the breakout happened, I looked hideous...and that's an understatement. I did not want to go out or anything. I looked so bad. This lasted around a month or so. I was also really, really oily. It was horrid, I really felt like stopping as it was so bad!
Then after 3-4weeks, my skin started getting dry...but the spots were still there. So now not only did I have spots, but also dry skin. This was worse...I couldn't even look in the mirror. I looked so bad. I used to pile on the foundation, which in turn made it look worse. I wanted to stay in all the time and not go out!
Then I went on holiday to Lisbon, the dryness got worse, but the spots started drying up a little too. This gave me hope...I finally saw the results I wanted. This is also the point my lips started getting dry, so constant lipbalm application.
Then by the end of month 2/beginning of month 3 my skin was a lot clearer. I was finally happy.

So, products I used to maintain my skin and side-effects.

Decleor Hydra-floral (
Decleor Neroli oil (
Decleor Balm Essential Neroli (
Panoxyl 10 (
Regular trips to the steam room!!!
Neutrogena Norwegian Formula lip conditioner - all day
Vaseline and Aqueous Cream slathered all over my lips and surrounding area at night.

The skin on the body too gets quite dry.
Baby oil as soon as I come out of the bath onto wet skin.
Exoliate with a oil based exfoliator - I've been using Boots Botanics one (Cant remember the name) but you can make one at home with a mixture of olive oil, honey and caster sugar.
Aveeno Cream oil moisturiser.
Regular trips to the steam room!!!

To begin with, I found my hair was shiny and nice. I was shocked as I heard your hair gets dry and falls out. Then it happened just about a week ago :@
However, I've only experienced hair-fall, no dryness as such. Just that I can go a week without washing my hair which I love!
To stop hair fall, I use Garlic shampoo - I will do a seperate post on this next. However, I just want to say it's really good.
Lots of deep conditioning, including masks and oils which I've spoken about in my blog. The best one is still Philip Kingsley Elasticizer - it's un beatable.
Morrocanoil to finish my hair - It leaves it shiny and healthy looking.

Other side-effects:

WATER!!! Because the medicine is drying your body out, you need to replenish it with hydration. You only want the bad spot causing oils killed, nothing else!!

I think thats it for now. If anyone else is on the medication and has any tips, please feel free to comment below :-)

Love from MyFrostedWorldxxx

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