Monday, 30 August 2010

The benefits of raw cacao butter

Theres so much on the internet explaining why coco butter is good for your skin. Its high in anti-oxidants, which I've already done a post on here, which helps in smoothing out the skin. It's great for dry skin, and stretch marks. Cocoa butter is said to help even out the skin tone, making scars less noticeable. The thing with these kinds of treatments is that they're not going to be miracle workers. They'll make a slight difference, but not huge. However, I'm still going to try it out! A tip I have learnt is that massage is helpful in this process because it breaks up the scar tissues. So, I am vigourously massaging in coco butter every night, before bed. To be honest, I have seen a difference in my skin, in that it is smoother and more moisturised. Scars...I think I'll have to wait longer than 2-3 days for this!
The butter smells exactly like chocolate, which is dangerous as it has me craving brownies every day! I want to try the butter, but I've read on so many sites that it tastes bad, so I won't...Although, I may give in one day and just put it in my mouth & try it!
What you do is, get some of the butter - I just chop bits off my huge block and melt it in the microwave. It then turns into an oil consistency - A bit like coconut oil. It's quite thick, but it soaks in really nicely, leaving your skin with a nice sheen. So, it could be used day and night. I would rather just use it at night though, as I don't want to be craving and eating chocolate all day, then become the size of a elephant!
I bought it from here, for £15.99+p&p.

Here are the photos:

Let me know if anyone else has tried this, or any other random tips you have...
Lots of love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Take one bag...

I've been looking for a nice bag for ages, as I am really bored with rotating my usual bags around. I've been using my Pauls Boutique and Baby Phat bags, for a while now and they feel old. There have been no nice bags around at all...Whatsoever. I would've paid big bucks if it meant a nice bag....Nothing! So, I went into town today, and had a look in Accesorize as they have some nice, well, accesories...
I saw this bag, and then realised it was only nice because of how they had merchandised it. They added a sash and flower clip. I bought it all...Then again, it was only £46 for the lot, which lets face it, is the price of a normal bag...right?!

The Bag (£30):

The accesories (Sash £10 and Flower Clip £6):

New Bag:

I love the bag now...Although this pic makes it look like the sash is too big for the bag - It isn't! I think when I un-did it all for the photos, I didn't tie it back to look the same. I will re-do it later...but you get the jist of it.

So, next time you can't find a nice bag, accesorise it!

Have a great bank holiday!
Lots of Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

Saturday, 21 August 2010

I have just found the best (non - beauty) blog...EVER!!

I've been up all night reading this blog that is on the Cosmo Blog Awards list.

It's about an American girl called Whitney and her 'love story' with a British guy. I'm not up to date yet, so I'm not quite sure if she's with him or not...But I assume so. It's so entertaining, it's like reading a book. So well written, and the stories are so descriptive. I love it!!!

The blog:

Friday, 20 August 2010

Hair Envy

 I love The Hills and The City, they're my guilty pleasure. I am so gutid that The Hills is now over :-( It may have been made up (to an extent!) but I loved it! The City is still around though :-) They're going to be having a Audrina Show as well, which has started in the US, I don't know if I want to watch it though. I watch enough celeb tv shows, Kardashians, Kourtney & Khloe take Miami, The City, Peter Andre and Kendra if there isn't anything else on. The thing with The Hills and The City I love the most is their style, I love how they all put outfits together, and their makeup. I also want their lives, just chilling at the beach or going on holidays every weekend...!!
So, the whole point of this blog post? I'm going to get my hair done 2nd September and I want it just like Audrina Patridge. Just like...

I love the colour and style...I just hope it comes out the same! I will of course be doing an update once I get it done. Her colour, even though it's highlighted, looks so natural, and I just dont know how her hairdresser achieved it. I'm going to a different salon this time, as I had a bad experience with my usual one (rude shampoo girl...led to me being given vouchers for all sorts that I never used as I never wanted to go back.) So, lets hope the new person is reallllly good and gets my hair just like Audrinas. I really hate it when you have something that you want in your head, but it comes out completely different :-s

I've just seen lollipop26's recent post about her new fringe and colour, and it looks so nice. Then again, she's so pretty, everything would look nice on her! It's made me want new hair even more so...When someone else gets something new and nice, I want it too...My inner brat coming out I guess.

Ok, I'm off as I'm looking at holiday deals to Rome for my birthday (16th Sept)...

Have a great evening everyone!

Lots of Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Paul Mitchell - The Masque

Hey Guys,

Hope everyone is well.

My aunt was recently over from Lisbon, and bought me over a bunch of goodies, which were actually from America...Including a Victoria's Secret perfume collection which I love and another perfume by Jessica Mcclintock. This is a brand that I've never heard of, but she designed Chelsea Clintons wedding dress, and also Hilarys outfit. Anyways, the scent is lovely...A similar scent would be Marc Jacobs Daisy, but it's more floraly. However, the thing I love about the scent is that is stays...All day! Also, you can not get it anywhere in England, which is something I love too. I love having things no one else has haha! It's really nice, so if you ever get the chance to have a sniff, you should do so.

Anyways, back to what the post is about - Paul Mitchell - The Masque. For some reason, I've always just thought of Paul Mitchell products as boring, and old. I think it's because when I was younger I did work experience at a salon, and we always wanted to use the Kerastase or Aveda as they were, or rather are expensive, and Paul Mitchell is really reasonably priced, plus no one bought it so I just thought it was boring! Weird how things stick in your head. So, when my aunt bought me the masque, I just though o-kay no harm in trying it out! Was I impressed? Yes, kind of! It made my hair feel smoother and softer. However, the smell I didn't like, it was quite plastic-y. Then again, I condition my hair dry so the smell of products don't tend to bother me as it just gets shampoo and conditioned out. The thing is, I don't think I would re-purchase the product with my own money. It was nice, but not really amazing. I don't know, maybe it's because nothing can beat PK Elasticizer, Phyto Egg Oil or various oils to mentioned in this post for me, so nothing else compares. I guess I'll just stick to what I like till something amazingly different comes out...

A photo of the product:

Has anyone else tried products from the Paul Mitchell line? Whats your fave conditioning treatment?

Till next time...Lots of Love from MyFrostedWoldXXX

Saturday, 14 August 2010

The Oil Cleansing Method...Part Deux

Ok, so I know I only did my post yesterday but I just wanted to update...Day four and my skin is clear! It hasn't felt this good and clear for a while now. Although I'm on roaccutane, I still get the odd spot now and then as it's still clearing me out from inside. I had a few stubborn ones, and they seem to be vanishing and my skin is clearer and softer. It's so glowy too. I thoroughly recommend doing this, and once you've tried it, you'll love it!! I really do. Just feeling my skin, it's so soft, and moisturised. I try to keep a film of oil on my eye area so it works as an eye cream too. Seriously guys, try this for just a week, and I'm sure you too will be a convert to the OCM!!!

I'm off to sleep now...!
Lot of Love from MyFrostedWorldxxx

Friday, 13 August 2010

The Oil Cleansing Method

Hey Guys,

Hope everyone is well. I'm fasting at the moment, as it's the Islamic month of Ramadan, I love it as not only are we more spiritual during the month, but it's also like a detox.

Anyways, I was reading posts on a beauty forum and read about The Oil Cleansing Method, and how so many people have gotten great results from it. So, I decided to do a little research, as I was sceptical as to how an oil could dissolve all your makeup and leave your skin clean. I found this great article on, and the girl has really gone into detail about the benefits of OCM and how it's changed her skin, what to use etc... I wont bother writing that all up, as her article is much better, and I don't want to plagiarise!!!

Basically what you do is take some Castor Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Castor oil is great for cleaning out the skin, and olive oil we all know is a great moisturiser), and massage onto your skin. You use it as you would a facial wash. Then, get a towel and run it under hot water (as hot as you can handle), and place the towel on your face so that your face is getting a steam. You then get some more oil, and massage onto your skin, wring the towel clean and run under hot water again and place on your face till cold. Once you've done this, wring the towel clean again, and wipe off the excess oil. Your face will be clean and moisturised. I tend to do this in the evenings as I'm always in a rush to get to work in the mornings!

I've being cleansing with oil for 3 days now, and it's given me spots. However, I'm convinced that it's just the impurities being sucked out of my skin so I'm going persevere. If they don't clear up or carry on after a week 2, then I'll stop and say it's not for me. I've found the it really leaves my skin moisturised, which is something it hasn't been for so long with the roaccutane, it's bought a glow to my skin, which hasn't been there for a while, and for that I like it. I'll update again after a week.

I just wanted to make you guys aware of this method, so that you can start trying it out and feel the benefits for yourself.


Lot of love from MyFrostedWorldxxx

Saturday, 7 August 2010

M&S Clothing

I went into M&S last night as my aunt is over from Lisbon, so I'm showing her the sights of Leicester...Lol!
Anyways, they had so many nice things...I was actually really suprised. The buyers have really got it right after such a long period of being the market leader, but not for the right reasons. Their clothing has never been anything special.
So, I bought a white longline shirt for only £25 yesterday, which is perfect with just a cardi, jeans and boots. There was also a gorgeous cotton dress that I didnt get, but I think I'm going back to get it today! The knitwear is also gorgeous this season. I usually get my knitwear from Zara, but I think this season I'm going to M&S. It's a mixture of silk and cashmere, so the feel is also beautiful. Cardigans are £35 each, and in really nice neutral colours. I would've got it yesterday, but I'm just not happy about buying winter clothing in August...I'm sure it'll still be there in September!!
The footwear is also really nice this season...It's young, funky and well priced.
I'm was really impressed. Plus, if you have a M&S credit card, they send you vouchers every month such as 25% off or £1 off, Free food in the cafe...It's really good. I sound like I've been paid by M&S...I wish haha!!
Anyways, I'm off to get dressed and get my threading done.
I'll do a haul if I buy anything today...

Have a great weekend guys.
Lots of Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Giorgio Armarni Luminous Silk Foundation

I first got this foundation as a sample from Selfridges in Manchester. I actually thought he colour matched me too dark. However, from the moment I put it on I knew I had found my new fave foundation. It covers up all imperfections, diminishes any open pores, leaves your skin looking radiant and soft. Furthermore, it lasts all day...It doesn't come off! I set it with a little Mac StudioFix which I use to set all my foundations. I loved it. Unfortunately, the sample pot the guy gave me didn't have any colour numbers on, so I didn't want to chance it and buy it online (I'm no 55 in case anyone wants to know!), and no one in Leicester sells Giorgio Armarni makeup. I was in London for work this weeks and had so of course had to pop into Harrods (My fave shop!) and pick up a bottle. It's £32, which for a foundation is expensive as they're usually in the £20 bracket, but totally worth it.
I also love the packaging, it's so sleek and elegant looking, which coming from Armarni, you wouldn't expect anything less.
I am absolutely loving the Armarni makeup range, and I'm really suprised that it's not all that popular. It's great stuff. It actually beats the Chanel foundations in my opinion, and I had been using Matte Lumiere for yeaarrsss!
So, if anyone gets the chance, try some of the range out. My recommendations would be the Eyes To Kill Mascara and the Luminous Silk Foundation. The next item I want tp try from the range is Maestro Eyeliner and the Smooth Silk Eye Pencils.

Now for the photos:

Hope you guys try the stuff out!
Lots of Love from MyFrostedWorldxxx