Friday, 13 August 2010

The Oil Cleansing Method

Hey Guys,

Hope everyone is well. I'm fasting at the moment, as it's the Islamic month of Ramadan, I love it as not only are we more spiritual during the month, but it's also like a detox.

Anyways, I was reading posts on a beauty forum and read about The Oil Cleansing Method, and how so many people have gotten great results from it. So, I decided to do a little research, as I was sceptical as to how an oil could dissolve all your makeup and leave your skin clean. I found this great article on, and the girl has really gone into detail about the benefits of OCM and how it's changed her skin, what to use etc... I wont bother writing that all up, as her article is much better, and I don't want to plagiarise!!!

Basically what you do is take some Castor Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Castor oil is great for cleaning out the skin, and olive oil we all know is a great moisturiser), and massage onto your skin. You use it as you would a facial wash. Then, get a towel and run it under hot water (as hot as you can handle), and place the towel on your face so that your face is getting a steam. You then get some more oil, and massage onto your skin, wring the towel clean and run under hot water again and place on your face till cold. Once you've done this, wring the towel clean again, and wipe off the excess oil. Your face will be clean and moisturised. I tend to do this in the evenings as I'm always in a rush to get to work in the mornings!

I've being cleansing with oil for 3 days now, and it's given me spots. However, I'm convinced that it's just the impurities being sucked out of my skin so I'm going persevere. If they don't clear up or carry on after a week 2, then I'll stop and say it's not for me. I've found the it really leaves my skin moisturised, which is something it hasn't been for so long with the roaccutane, it's bought a glow to my skin, which hasn't been there for a while, and for that I like it. I'll update again after a week.

I just wanted to make you guys aware of this method, so that you can start trying it out and feel the benefits for yourself.


Lot of love from MyFrostedWorldxxx

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