Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Paul Mitchell - The Masque

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My aunt was recently over from Lisbon, and bought me over a bunch of goodies, which were actually from America...Including a Victoria's Secret perfume collection which I love and another perfume by Jessica Mcclintock. This is a brand that I've never heard of, but she designed Chelsea Clintons wedding dress, and also Hilarys outfit. Anyways, the scent is lovely...A similar scent would be Marc Jacobs Daisy, but it's more floraly. However, the thing I love about the scent is that is stays...All day! Also, you can not get it anywhere in England, which is something I love too. I love having things no one else has haha! It's really nice, so if you ever get the chance to have a sniff, you should do so.

Anyways, back to what the post is about - Paul Mitchell - The Masque. For some reason, I've always just thought of Paul Mitchell products as boring, and old. I think it's because when I was younger I did work experience at a salon, and we always wanted to use the Kerastase or Aveda as they were, or rather are expensive, and Paul Mitchell is really reasonably priced, plus no one bought it so I just thought it was boring! Weird how things stick in your head. So, when my aunt bought me the masque, I just though o-kay no harm in trying it out! Was I impressed? Yes, kind of! It made my hair feel smoother and softer. However, the smell I didn't like, it was quite plastic-y. Then again, I condition my hair dry so the smell of products don't tend to bother me as it just gets shampoo and conditioned out. The thing is, I don't think I would re-purchase the product with my own money. It was nice, but not really amazing. I don't know, maybe it's because nothing can beat PK Elasticizer, Phyto Egg Oil or various oils to mentioned in this post for me, so nothing else compares. I guess I'll just stick to what I like till something amazingly different comes out...

A photo of the product:

Has anyone else tried products from the Paul Mitchell line? Whats your fave conditioning treatment?

Till next time...Lots of Love from MyFrostedWoldXXX

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