Saturday, 7 August 2010

M&S Clothing

I went into M&S last night as my aunt is over from Lisbon, so I'm showing her the sights of Leicester...Lol!
Anyways, they had so many nice things...I was actually really suprised. The buyers have really got it right after such a long period of being the market leader, but not for the right reasons. Their clothing has never been anything special.
So, I bought a white longline shirt for only £25 yesterday, which is perfect with just a cardi, jeans and boots. There was also a gorgeous cotton dress that I didnt get, but I think I'm going back to get it today! The knitwear is also gorgeous this season. I usually get my knitwear from Zara, but I think this season I'm going to M&S. It's a mixture of silk and cashmere, so the feel is also beautiful. Cardigans are £35 each, and in really nice neutral colours. I would've got it yesterday, but I'm just not happy about buying winter clothing in August...I'm sure it'll still be there in September!!
The footwear is also really nice this season...It's young, funky and well priced.
I'm was really impressed. Plus, if you have a M&S credit card, they send you vouchers every month such as 25% off or £1 off, Free food in the cafe...It's really good. I sound like I've been paid by M&S...I wish haha!!
Anyways, I'm off to get dressed and get my threading done.
I'll do a haul if I buy anything today...

Have a great weekend guys.
Lots of Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

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