Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Healthy Stuff Post

Such an original title right?! I had such a long day that I have no energy left!

How is everyone? It's so hard going back to work after so much time off...:-(

Anyways, so as I've started to be healthy I thought I would do a post on healthy snacks and meals that I have whilst on a diet. If you have any tips, then please do comment as I love knowing other peoples tricks!

1) Dates - These are great at filling you up for longer. In the morning as I'm not a breakfast person I eat 2 dates with my coffee and they keep me full up till lunch. I initially started eating them as they're good for the old toilet issues (aka constipation!) However, they have amazing benefits which can be found on this site. They release energy around half an hour after consuming, so great for morning or even in the evenings when you feel lethargic.

2) Teas - I love drinking herbal teas and Green Teas. I go through phases of Green tea, I either love them or hate them...Right now I'm on a hate phase. When I do have them I have either the lemon or mint flavoured ones as they're a lot nicer. At the moment though, I am LOVING Pukka Detox Teas. These taste yumm, especially if you like aniseed kind of tastes. They're nice in the evening after your meal & caffeine free. I'm not sure if they detox, however they stop me from snacking after.

3) Cooking in Foil - Ok, so when I'm on a diet to ensure I eat as little bad fat as possible I take a piece of foil put in my chicken or fish, add loads of vegetables, some lemon, sea salt, coarse pepper, fresh green chillies (They speed up the metabolism!), coriander and whatever else you wish. I then drizzle some olive oil, and bake in the oven. This way you have tasty food that's cooked healthily.

Just to break up the post, here are some motivational photos!!

My Fave lol!

 I want a cupcake...mmmm!!!

4) Water - Which health post would be complete without drinking lots of water?! It really does help though, seriously! I always add a slice of lemon to increase detox properties. Although don't have too much lemon or it'll dry your skin out. As well as helping you lose weight, your skin and hair will look a lot better too.

5) Motivation - Ok, so to begin with you're all like "Yess, I'm being healthy, I'm so good!" then you see some chocolate cake and want it! How do I stay motivated? I look around me and see how skinny other people are and think I wish I could be like them. I just think about how I'll look and feel when I'll lose the weight. Also, find something you cant fit into anymore and keep trying it on and once it's fits you'll be so :D that you'll feel motivated carry on and lose even more!

6) Packed lunch - Take food and snacks with you wherever you go, be it work or just running errands. This way you wont be tempted by foods around you, as you cant always find something healthy, and hunger always takes over. I usually have a Pink Lady apple in my bag (I only eat Pink Lady's as they're yummiest! If you've never tried them, you have to!) or a pear. As random as it is, I always keep a can of healthy soup in my car for work lunches when I want something warm and filling. Baxters are the best in my opinion, they even have a healthy range however I wouldn't trust that blindly as some of their normal soups are lower in fat/cals!

I hate leaving thing on a random number like 6, I'm weird like that it has to be 5 or 10 so this post is going to annoy me! So please let me know your tips so that I can add them in and at least make it a top 10!!

Hope that helps & hope you're enjoying the New Year so far!

Love ShameeraXxX


  1. 7 =P Tell people what you are doing! It'll make it harder to stop before reaching your goals.

    Even if it's not your close friends or family, online support groups are better than nothing if you feel like you need to report back. Even bring on some competitive healthiest!

    Have you seen the cosmo facebook group?/Now slimming support group? =)

  2. Thats a good one Sinead, because then if you're less likely to be bad as you have to report back haha! Love the competitive healthy-ness idea lol! I'll add this one on tomorrow!
    Nope, didn't know there was a slimming group, just the Diet & Fitness one. Thats really cool that they've set that up :-)

  3. Do you wanna be added? It's a "secret" group. But once you are in you can add other cosmo-ers into it haha.

  4. Omg there are secret groups on Cosmo?! Cool, add me in there but I dont if I'll be much help to anyone?!