Sunday, 30 January 2011

Get Nakd

Hey Everyone!

Hows your weekend been? I went to watch Swan Lake yesterday, and although the story was really good, I loved the dancing! It was amazing, Natalie Portman did a brilliant job. Really impressed.

So, why get Nakd I hear you say? Well, I've found these great bars which are yummy, and made from dates, nuts, fruits and natural flavours. They're vegan, all natural, no added sugar, gluten, wheat, dairy & GM free, so are actually good for you.
I've spoken about the benefits of dates in my post here, and this article in the Daily Mail has a list of nuts which are good for you. So, in moderation, this bar is great.

Looking at the nutritional info, the carbs content looks high, but one of the girls on the Cosmo forum explained it brilliantly to me, so I had to share:

"Basically there are complex carbs and simple carbs. Simple carbs are sugars. So when you read a label, it says Carbs and then of which are sugars. Sugar hits the bloodstream fast, if too much sugar is in the bloodstream insulin is released.

Before a work out, you want slow release carbs so that you get a steady supply of energy to the blood and muscles. The muscles also store sugar in them and after exercising the muscles stores (glycogen) are low. Whne you eat sugar now, it going into the blood, but before insulin reacts, the muscles are empty so suck up all the sugars quickly. When excess sugars aren't sucked up by the muscles insulin tell it to be turned to bodyfat."

I was eating these before my workout, but have since switched to after if I'm working out during the day, rather than evening.

I bought a mixture box which came with 18 bars for £14.99.

It consisted of cocoa orange, cashew cookie, pecan pie and ginger bread. I didn't want to review till I had tried them all. They're all yummy, except for Pecan Pie...As nice as it sounds, it tastes like plastic...Yuck!! Just don't try this!
My fave is cocoa orange, as it tastes as it should and has a chocolate like texture so curbs any cravings you may get in the afternoons, or is that just me?!
Ginger bread has a nice, delicate ginger/warm flavoured taste, I really enjoyed it with my morning coffee.
Cashew cookie has a nice, light nutty taste that is nice for a post gym snack (great descriptions right?!)
I would next like to try the coco mint, as I can imagine that one being nice!
I got a free berry flavoured one, but I'm not a fan of fruity/berry flavoured bars so I'll add that into my contest prize!

Has anyone else tried these? What do you eat to curb your chocolate cravings??
Love ShameeraXxX

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