Saturday, 15 January 2011

Asda Haul haha!


Hows everyones Saturday been? I've been to the gym, had my threading and monthly microdermabrasion facial done, and had my car washed. I've also changed my blog...What do you guys think?

So, last night my mum & I decided to pop into Asda as there was nothing on and it would save us from having to go today for the weekly shop. Love Asda so much, I'm sure I'm not the only one!

I picked up a new coat, its a duffle coat (£35) which is quite light-weight so will go nicely into Spring (Sorry for the poor photo!):

Onto the reason for this post, the yoghurt's! These yoghurt's were on offer for 50p each so I thought may as well try them. I'm usually a snob when it comes to yoghurt's, where I'll only buy Rachel's Organic yoghurt's, but as these were so cheap, and a lot less calories I thought why not?!
The coconut one is nice, although not as creamy as the Rachels Organic ones, but still nice. However, the lemon one is absolutely gorgeous! It tastes citrus-y, but not too much. It's such a nice, light tasting yoghurt which could easily be a dessert. Yummm...! If you see them, I suggest trying them out.

Nutritional Values etc...

They also had a toffee flavour, but that didn't sound appealing to me!

Let me know if you try and like them too.

Enjoy your Saturday night!
Love ShameeraXxX

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  1. Love the duffle coat!!

    Sadie x

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  3. have you tried the George nail polishes?? i really recommend them, so cheap and the colour pay off is amazing!

  4. Really?? I dont actually wear nail polish as I bite my nails lol, is any of their other makeup any good?

  5. their nail polishes are amazing! and so cheap.