Wednesday, 19 January 2011

How I clean my brushes

Hello Everyone!

How has everyones week been? I'm so tired, as I've not had a proper nights sleep for a few days, as I keep waking up at random times like 2am or 4am then can't go back to sleep :-(

Anyways, before I go onto how I clean my brushes, I just wanted to show you my new hot water bottle...

How cute is he?!

Now, I don't know about you, but I refuse to spend money on brush cleaner...I'm sorry, but no! I know it has alcohol in which disinfects etc...but nah!

I have always found it hard to get my Mac Stippling brushes white clean, no matter how much I would clean them with Dove soap, they wouldn't turn white. Then one night we were staying over at a Marriott, and I was bored as there was nothing on and we had eaten etc...So I decided to wash my makeup brushes. I used the Marriott bath soap, and I have never had brushes this clean before!

Now, if someones staying over at The Marriott  their job is to get me the bath soap! I have quite the collection! As I only use the soap once a week (or there abouts!), they last for ages, and even better it's free!
Give it a nice clean with....
Et Voila...After...Sparkly white!

So, the conclusion to this post...Hotel soaps are the best brush cleaners!

How do you clean your brushes?
Love ShameeraXxX


  1. I use shampoo! A cheapish one does the trick. Soap isn't good for your bristles, especially if they're real hair. :) x

  2. I've been washing my brushes with soap for years & they're still in perfect condition :-) Even shampoo has soap in lol! X

  3. I also use a bar of soap. Like you, I don't see the point of investing in a brush cleaner.

  4. No point right? Soap works perfectly fine & so much cheaper. No point in wasting money. Plus the way I see it, if it's safe enough to use on skin it's good enough for my brushes haha! X