Sunday, 16 January 2011

Recipe: Tabbouleh

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I am in soooo much pain today, from damn squats at the gym on Friday! I was in pain yesterday, when we went out, I literally had to crawl up the stairs lol! I cant bend my legs :-s I'll have another walk/run on the treadmill now to hopefully loosen up my muscles.

Anyways, I can't remember if I ever put up a recipe for Tabbouleh on here! It's a Middle Eastern salad made from Bulgar wheat, so it's filling and yumm. When I'm in Marble Arch, I need to have Tabbouleh! Yumm...! The best one I've had was in Dubai. So a while ago, I decided to find the recipe and make it!

The base of the recipe requires bulgar wheat. This is basically wheat in its whole form, making it high in fibre, and therefore good for the digestive system. It is rich in vitamins B, particularly in thiamine and niacin. Thiamine is very useful in the digestive and nerve system. Niacin helps in the digestion of the proteins. Zinc, iron, riboflavin and trace minerals like magnesium and selenium are also found in bulgur. Also, as it's a complex carb, it will keep you fuller for longer.

The authentic recipe has parsley and olive oil but I've adapted it so I have fresh coriander instead of parsley as I don't like the taste as much when I make it at home (Weird right?!), and I don't add olive oil as I just prefer the strong lemon taste. So you can just adapt it using what you like, add anything you want to it!


Bulgar Wheat (I prefer the coarse kind)
Red Onion
Half a Cucumber
Salt & Pepper to taste
Fresh Coriander
Fresh Mint

Bulgar wheat is just like couscous whereby you soak it in water and it swells up. This is why I've not put a quantities, as you can make how much you want.

Boil some water, and in a bowl pour in your bulgar wheat, squeeze half to one lemon, depending on how much you like lemon. I love it, so I squeeze the whole lemon, and cover it with boiling water. Leave it to soak. Stir it every now and then, till it's soaked and cooked. It should take about 30mins. Then squeeze out any remaining water with some tissue.

Till it looks like this:

Chop up all the vegetable in fine dices, and the herbs in really thin strips. Add all this to the bulgar wheat once its cooled down.

Drizzle olive oil if you want, some salt and pepper and you're done.

Final product:

You can then pack up what you don't eat, and keep in the fridge, it stays nice for a few days.

I eat it with grilled chicken pieces, in pitta bread or just on its own, I love it!

Let me know if you try it, and if you adapt it in anyway so that I can try it too.
Love ShameeraXxX

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  1. Looks yummy!!

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