Thursday, 6 January 2011

My Big Fat...Hair!

Review: My Big Fat Texturised Hair Spray (£8.99 – Boots)
I first saw this product on Get Gawjus (cant link as I’m at work and uploading this through my iPhone so will amend later) which is a great blog. She’s so pretty, and she put up photos of how her hair looked with this product and I was sold. It’s a hairspray that texturises and volumises hair. It’s meant to be a spray wax, volumiser and salt spray all in one. Do I agree? Hell yeah! I love it! Now that I only have half the hair that I had before, I am all for products that make my hair look thicker and fuller. I dry and style my hair, then just spray this in at the roots, and a general spritz all over and rub it in a bit and I have big hair.
I love the messy, big volumised hair thing that other people have going on that I just can’t get right. This product gives me that look. Also, usually these waxy based products leave my hair looking greasy, and like its got a bad case of product overload, however this one, surprisingly doesn’t do it. Its quite a thick liquid thing, I say thing as I’m not sure what it is, it’s gloopy looking, you shake it loads and then it sprays out like a liquid. It also has the signature Lee Stafford smell which I absolutely l-o-v-e. He has a body spray out now, I haven’t smelt it, so I wonder if it’s the same scent?!
Would I recommend it? In a word, yes! Next thing I want to try (again!) is the hair growth treatment he has. I used it once and it didn’t do anything, however there are so many rave reviews all over the place for it that I want to try it again, just to see…!
What hair products are you loving right now???
Love ShameeraXxX

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  1. oh great review, thanks!
    Ive just bought this shampoo and the matching conditioner today becuause of the promising title it has. I didnt try it yet, but the feedback Ive read so far is quit promising!