Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sunday Ramble

I'm so bored and sleepy today. Manchester United won today, although not a great win, but a wins a win!

It's been such a random week, as I was expecting to go back to work on Wednesday but it was Tuesday! It was only when I woke up, clicked into the Facebook app and noticed everyone was complaining about work, I text my friend, she called and said Yes! lol! I quickly ran down and logged in haha!

Did everyone hear Victoria Beckham is pregnant again? Not that I know the Beckhams personally, but very happy for them! I hate all the rumours always going around that he's cheating or they're not happy. I would hate to have that kind of stress on any relationship, it would create doubts even if you didn't want them.

I began a contest! I have one contestant at the moment, Sinead and she's winning lol! It's open till 9th February 2010, so if you want to enter just click here. It's a great prize :D

Oh my new fave eyeliner is my purple Sabaya one. My friend just came back from Dubai for the holidays, so I got a new bunch :) I just think that purple is so subtle, and really emphasises the colour of brown eyes. The other day, I used purple liner around my eye, then navy in the waterline, that was really nice even if I do say so myself lol!

I also got into a show called Modern Family. I know it's old and I have seen parts of an episode here and there, but I finally got into it. It's so funny, totally love it. It's got Sofia Vergara in and she is so hot, but so so funny in the show! Love it! Hope theres a Series 3. Does anyone know when Gossip Girl is starting back up?

Ok, I think I've rambled enough! 
What's everyone else been upto this week?

Love ShameeraXxX


  1. I love Modern Family!! The whole cast is just awesome and they really work well together.

  2. Totally agree, they really do work well together, every character is funny in their own way. It's so funny!x

  3. I watched the first episode of Modern Family and it was SO hilarious, really need to sit down and watch the rest! xx

  4. Oh man, you should! I started and ended up watching both series in 2-3 days lol! x

  5. Good rambling lol. I like your blog...Following :)

  6. Lol thanks haha!! I always think twice before posting the rambles...! x