Sunday, 31 January 2010

The best eyeliners in the world....!!

Ok, when I went Dubai, I think it was 2 years ago now (I need to go back ASAP!), I stumbled upon a makeup store in Ibn Batutta Mall called Mikyajy ( It's a Middle Eastern brand, and you can only get it in that continent. Well, I went in and bought so much from that place. There were so many cute things, and I also got a free gift (cream colour shadow set which has some lovely colours!). However, the best purchase was the eyeliners. They were by I would say a brand under their umbrella called Sabaya, and they come in a number of colours.
So, when a friend was going I made sure he picked me up the colours I needed! When I got them, I was soooo happy!!! I love them so much :-)))

If you ever go to Dubai, or the Middle East look out for this store, but be careful as you may come out with a lot of stuff!!!

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