Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Make yourself over...

Ok to be more clear...MYSELF over!! I have put on weight & my face feels like a mess, so I've decided to take control, rather than just keep complaining about it & putting on more pounds in the process!

My friend showed me an app on her iPhone last night (whilst in Nandos eating peri peri fries lol!) that calculates the amount of calories you need & it has a log so that you can count calories. Basically, as I've hurt my leg so can't do much exercise at the moment & I'm planning on losing 1kg a week (around 2.2 pounds) I've been put on 872 Calories a day. I know it sounds really low & unhealthy but it's only for a week! Then once my leg improves, I'll be bumped up to 1200 calories! I've already started & feel full! I don't usually eat breakfast straight away, but around 10am I have some fruit & a yoghurt. Then for lunch I had special k cereal. For a snack I've got a special k cereal bar. Then dinner I have soup! I'm going to try the treadmill tonight with my leg - thank god I have one at home so it won't be embarrasing if hobble off!!
Ok just little disclaimer so that I don't get into trouble - this is for me, and I'm not suggesting it for anyone else!!

Ok, for my skin-my doctor is useless!! So I got him to refer me to the hospital... I'll be going on roaccutane. I'm kinda excited, but also quite worried as people have the most random side effects. But the nurse said that if we looked at the side effects of paracetamol we wouldn't even take that. I'm going to give my blood tmw morning& will get my first prescription (hopefully) on the 20th of January. I have one problem though - I can't swallow tablet :- s lol! I find it so difficult! But I'll learn! Has anyone else been on the medication, or know of anyone who has?? I'd love to hear the stories! I'm obsessed with watching YouTube roaccutane diaries right now...some people respond so well, but others don't...I really hope I'm a good reacter!!

So, is anyone else doing anything this year to change themselves? I really hope I don't get fed up of my diet, because I'm bad like that....!!! Any motivational tip would be great!!

Love from MyFrostedWorldxxx

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