Saturday, 22 May 2010

Asian Beauty Products.

Omgosh it is sooo hot and lovely outside. Unfortunately, I've had to spend the day at the tyre place. Luckily, it's in one of the Asian shopping areas (Yes, areaS, we have a lot here!) in Leicester, so I had shops galore :-)
This area (Green Lane Road for anyone in Leicester) used to be horrid, but they've got so many clothes and accessories shops there now, that it's fun! It's all cheap as well. I rarely go, but when I do, I love looking at the jewelery and clothes.

I actually didn't buy much, just a dress, face-mask and soap.

The dress is actually a TopShop seconds dress, it's a cute 'sailor' dress. The front is a round neck, but the back is open. I'm just going to wear it with leggings and heels.
There was a health care store which looked as though it's just opened up. Now, give me a natural health care shop, and I feel like buying everything. But my mum was with me, so I was 'not allowed' lol!
I bought some neem soap. Now, as per my previous post on the neem facemask, I've always been a fan of the stuff. It's like a quick-fix skin cleaner-upper (it's a word in my vocabulary!). Seriously, if you want a nice face for a event or something, just use a neem mask and you'll really see the difference. So, I thought lets try the soap. I got 3 for £2 which is really cheap. I can't find a link for the soap I bought, but this one seems good.

Finally, I bought a facemask.

The brand name is really funny - Hakeem ChiChi. However, judging by the site, it's quite a famous pharmacy in India. I don't think you can actually purchase it online, however theres an email address at which you can contact them:
The mask is just called 'Herbal Face Pack'. I don't understand the ingredients as they're not in English. It's an ayurvedic mask which you use for 20 days in a row to clear acne scars. I'm starting tonight, so we'll see. I'll report back in 20 days...!!

Whilst on the topic of Indian remedies, theres one product I really want to speak about called Safi. Now, this is a herbal liquid blood purifier. It tastes ands smells absolutely disgusting, however the results are fricking amazing. You take it with orange juice, I would suggest a really sweet drink, which has a strong taste. None of that dilute stuff! The effects of this are you go to the loo a lot, till your blood is clean. This is very inconvenient, I agree however the effect it has on your skin and weight are worth it. Your skin is clear, nothing is left clogged either. And you lose weight, without a doubt. It really cleans you out. I would suggest having a bottle then see the difference. I have bottle in the pantry, but I'm so hot, I can't be bothered to go get it to take a photo, so I'll insert one from google:
This product is great to use a month before a holiday, your wedding, an important party...Anything when you want to shed some pounds and want your skin to become clear. Or just if you're feeling sluggish and you want a kickstart. I really like it.

I hope everyone enjoys this post.
Have a great weekend!
Lots of Love MyFrostedWorldXXX

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