Monday, 10 May 2010

Random waffle and EOTD

Ok, so I was going to dye my hair today, I was so excited. However, the past few days my hair has been falling out quite a bit. It's really been worrying me, but I read up and it is a side effect of Roaccutane. I also read that nioxin shampoo is meant to help. I'm actually using garlic shampoo at the moment though, which is meant to thicken hair, and stop falling. It's working as it's only since I stopped using it has my hair started falling. So, I'll go back to it. By the way, YES I said GARLIC shampoo lol!! It's really good, I'll do a seperate blog post about it with details on where to get it etc... Anyways, so because of this hair loss, no hair dying for a while :-(

I was meeting up with some friends for dinner. We went to Wagamamas, I didn't like my food :-s It's not nice! But I was proud of my make up as I did it with a little compact mirror in like 5mins.

This look has been created using:
Stila smokey eyes palette - It has such gorgeous colours.
MAC MSF By Candlelight as a highlight
Urban decay - Oil Slick to further darken crease.
Black Eyeliner in water line and upper.
MAC Zoom Lash mascara.
Just used vaseline on lips :-)

Sorry for all the complaining today guys!
Lots of Love...MyFrostedWorldxxx

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