Sunday, 31 January 2010

Haul...Yeah, I don't really like that word either...!!

So, as I sit here waiting for NEW ANTM (love ANTM, not Tyra as much now...but thats another ramble...!) I thought I have the pics ready for my haul, so let me finally write the post!
My order finally came in, it took ages...I thought it got lost in the post or never sent, so I went to the order confirmation email to maybe make a tiny complaint, and saw that it wouldn't get shipped till the 28th of January!! The order came in on the 29th which was great as I was in bed, sick...I had some 24hour bug where I couldn't even keep water down...:-(((

Ok, so Stila...Ever since The Wedding Planner, in the scene where Jeniffer Lopez is in the Dr's office after recovering from her hit, and she noticed herself in the mirror, got shocked, and rushed on her Stila gloss...I have always just loved the brand...I bought 3 glosses which came in the silver packaging just because of that film..GREAT product placement lol!!

So, when I noticed had a Stila sale on, I had to indulge! Eyeshadows were on £3 so I bought every colour that I liked, which was practically all of them... :-s
Enough rambling, here are the pics :-))

I love the packaging for this smokey eyes palette. It's holographic outside, and the palette actually TALKS!!!
Yep, just press the button, and they'll thank you for purchasing, and talk you through what to do with the colours!!!
If you want to know any colours/details...Just ask! The sale is now over, but I'm sure you could still purchase these items on the Stila site.

Thanks for reading...Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

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