Friday, 5 February 2010

I hate Roaccutane!

Ok, I don't hate it but OMG it's week 2 and I'm experiencing the initial breakout!! It's day 17, and my face is a mess :-( I don't even want to leave the house! Chanel & mac may cover up the redness, but the bumps are inconcealable (is that a word?!)!! Oh, and the dryness...Omg that makes the foundation looks worse!! & it itches...I just keep wanting to scratch, scratch, scratch...!!
I've not needed to change the products I use yet, but thats most probably because I've always used Decleor Hydra-floral face moisturiser which is great, and it's meant to 'drip-feed' your skin moisture.
I'm just glad I haven't had the other worse side - effects like joint pains and mood swings...Although, it's still early days, and I'm only on 30mg a day. I have been getting head aches, hot flushes and pins & needles in my left arm (The first time that happened, I was scared as we all know the left arm is linked to the heart...!!) My lips are dry, but I'm using a mixture of Neutrogena Norwegian formula lip balm, vaseline & coco butter lipbalm in the day, then slathering on vaseline and Eygyptian Magic at night so they dont dry out.
I know I'm not meant to, but  I'm putting on Eucerin clearing moisturiser at night. I tried it during the day today, and my face felt tight all day...Back to the Decleor from Monday.

I wish it would just hurry up and clear up!!!

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