Sunday, 23 January 2011

Bloated like a Balloon!

I've been bloated since New Years day, and I just cant seem to get rid of it! It's so uncomfortable now as it makes my belly look huge, and no amount of sit up etc seems to be eliminating it.
I researched it, and they said to have a look at what I'm eating, however my diet hasn't really changed. I've not added or taken away any new foods, so I'm really confused :-s

I've tried Activia, drinking more water, I've even taken a laxative (not a nice experience at ALL!)....Nothing seems to be helping!

So this post is a question to everyone....How do I eliminate bloating??! I'd love any suggestions, and who knows other people out there could be suffering too, so it may even help someone else!

Love ShameeraXxX


  1. Up your intake of fruit and veg and other sources of fibre. Along with the water should help.

  2. Thanks Sinead, I'll try eating more fruit :-)

  3. have you tried the tablets for bloating? they tend to work for me, but i do end up burping or farting loooool. so take them when youre at home!

  4. Lol haha! Burping and farting! What are they called?? I'll get them for next weekend lol!

  5. They are called rennie deflatine. They help with the bloatedness. you can get them from boots, i swear by them lol :-)

  6. Ah excellent! Thanks so much for this, I am going to go buy some tonorrow!!I hope it works for me too :D x