Monday, 3 January 2011

FInally decided...

Hey Everyone!

How has everyone been? Hope you all had a great New Years!

I'm sitting at home as I have really bad tummy pains, I think I ate too much yesterday. As I decided I was going to eat loads yesterday and start being healthy from today....Bad mistake as my tummy kills and I am in too much pain to do any exercise haha! I will have a little walk/run on the treadmill later on though.

So, what have I finally decided?! My New Years resolutions!! Haha! I don't really keep them, but this year I want to change/do the following:

1) Run a half marathon at least. My brother and I are going to train to do the Robin Hood half marathon in Nottingham...Should be fun, I think :-s
2) As well a running, I want start eating healthy and just be generally a lot healthier than I am now. The past few months I have been going to the gym very rarely and eating what I want. This has had an effect on my health, constantly being sick and not being able to go to the loo (TMI I know!!) So I want to change all this!
3) Stop being so obsessed with finding a husband...LOL! The less I go into this the better, but I have to stop that!

That's it really...Can't think of anything else!! Let me know what your resolutions are, I might steal some of yours too :D

Love Shameera XxX


  1. Aww no, hope you get better really soon!

    Your last New Years resolution actually made me laugh, I know what you mean though, and I totally agree with being healthier, I really need to start exercising this year! xx

  2. Ah thanks, me too! My belly is so bloated, I look pregnant! You can steal my resolutions and get healthier with me :D x