Thursday, 15 July 2010

Youth Code Part Deux...Oh and a short skin story!

Hey Guys,

So a while ago I spoke about buying L'oreal Youth Code, and how much I liked it. Well,  that was after 2 days and I never really did a review after. Bad, I know. So, I thought let me catch up and do one...

Well, when I first started using it, I really enjoyed it. I would wake up with moisturised skin and it did give a slight glow which roaccutane had taken away (yep, that happens on the wonder drug!). Having carried on using it, I have found a improvement in lines around my eyes. They seem to be less deep, and more filled out. This is great, as usually creams tend to say they'll do this but never do. However, I'm not sure if it's the eye cream or day cream or both which is doing it. Probably the combination. Whatever works right?! It works out a lot cheaper than other anti-ageing products so well worth buying it. I think it's currently on offer in Boots.

Now, on to a Crem de la Mer story...I have always wanted to try this product as it's what JLO swears by and she has amazing skin, but have always read so many mixed reviews that I just never felt totally sure about it. Everytime I'd go to a counter they would never have samples. So, whilst I was visiting Verity, we went to the La Mer counter in Selfridges, and it was a nice lady (lucky!) and she massaged the cream onto our hands. We thought nothing of it...All creams make your hands look nice right?! So, Verity had a red mark on her hand...Cant remember where from, but the next day it was gone!! We are adamant that this was due to La Mer. Then when we compared hands, the hand which had the cream on actually looked much better than the other! No lie...!! This has made me want to buy the cream, so next time I go to a Selfridges I am buying a small pot.

Ok, I've got fresh coconut on my skin (It's so good for your skin!) so it's time to wash my face :-)

Have a great evening...
Lots of Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

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