Sunday, 17 October 2010

EOTN - Dessert and a movie (that never happened!)

Another look with the amazing Naked palette...

Lid - Smog
Crease - Hustle
Highlight - Sin
Black liner all around and masacara.

Oh and a backshot of my hair....I hate it so much :-s So now, I not only need to stop it falling but also grow fast...!

Love ShameeraXxX


  1. What mascara are you using? Looks really good! :)

    and your hair looks fine! that's what mine looks like from the back. You can do so much with hair that length. :) xx

  2. I use Armarni - Eyes to Kill. It's the best mascara...ever! Seriously, you should get it.
    I think my hair was a shock to the system after havin long hair for so long, I think I@m coming to terms with it now. What kinds of things do you do with you hair?

  3. Your hair looks lovely, and it will grow back soon, promise!
    I know how you feel like the Roaccutane/post Roaccutane shedding - I was losing loads and then it looked like I was losing double as loads because my hair is so long and a single hair makes a quite a big fuzz ball!

    (Like I've said on Cosmo, if you want to look after your hair and grow it ASAP, oil your ends, baby them and wear your hair up as much as possible, keeping the ends tucked in. Use a wide tooth comb - body shop do one - and never touch your hair when it's wet, not even towel drying. Do NOT use heat.
    Take a variety of supplements - I take MSM, horsetail, a multivitamin, kelp, cod liver fish oil, vitamn E, vitaman B, biotin - small does as it can break people out and we don't want that!

    You probably knew all that already, but I hope it helps in some way!

    LOVE the Naked palette look

  4. Hi Binia, thanks for your comment made me feel better knowing that it can get better :) Did your hair come back? Thanks for all the advice, really appreciate it. I'll defo try out some of those supplements, what is MSM? I was taking cod liver oil and then found out that its extremely high in Vitamin A, which is the thing that did this to my poor hair lol! I'm currently doubling up on iron and taking evening primrose oil.
    Thanks again :D

  5. Yup, my hair came back. I didn't lose that much in hindsight, but that's probably because I was on a very low dose (20mg for only three months).

    I just read your newest post, and honestly, I know you're feeling crappy right now, but your hair WILL grow back, longer and stronger than before. I think, personally for me, having bad skin was much worse. If you have nice clear skin, even if your hair is damaged so you have to wear your hair up all the time, you will still look beautiful and finally be able to show off your gorgeous face because there are no blemishes.

    I wear my hair up more than ever before, and that's not just to protect it! Because before, I used to use my hair literally as a curtain to hide behind.

    Regarding the supplements, MSM is Methylsulfonylmethane and supposedly has been proven to help to minimize shedding and promote hair growth. I for one, have noticed a difference. It's relatively inexpensive - I got mine from Holland and Barrat.

    Oooh, I didn't know that about cod liver oil, might have to reconsider that one - it's the one I always forget to take away, due to its GINORMOUS size!

    I also try and make sure I get my RDA of protein, which can be hard as I'm a vegetarian and I don't have to greatest relationship with food, but I think eating enough protein makes a difference as hair is essentially protein, so if you don't get any, you won't get hair!

    Binia x

  6. Oooh also, it's worth noting that some people believe that hair going through seansonal 'shedding cycles' where at two points in the year, they experience a greater shed of hair than normal. I know one is right about now, autumny time and the next spring/summer, so maybe that accounts for your recent increased hair shedding?

  7. Thanks for all your advice. You're right about being able to tie my hair up now, I guess I should be grateful for that, and not complain! I've been tying it up at work as I hate it so much lol! I'll have a look into MSM but to be honest, I'm too scared to take anything other than iron and EP Oil. It's true about the seasonal shedding, maybe I had both accutane and seasonal shedding in one?! Unlucky me haha! Thanks again for all your advice, you defo made me feel better :D xxx