Sunday, 10 October 2010

Creme De La Mer...Week One

Hi Guys,

I thought I would do a one week review of the cream as I have already seen really good results with it!

Firstly, let me start by explaining how I use it. When you purchase it, the sales assistant explains how to use it. Basically, you take a tiny bit, rub it with your fingertips so that the cleam becomes clear and then you pat it into your skin. I use this day and night. Although, I still have a pot of Liz Earlse Superskin, so I'm thinking of using that up in the day now.

After the first night that I used it, I noticed a difference. When I woke up my skin was so soft, it was like a babys bottom! So soft...Esp after Accutane which left my skin dry and dull. After a few more nights, my skin became softer, glowier and the scars are diminishing. I was also worried that because I have come off the Accutane, that I would get spots as this cream is quite thick. Nope :) In fact its clearing my spots that Accutane left. So far, after just one week I need less foundation, and my skin is looking better than it ever has. There isn't any redness, and I think my skin colour has gotten lighter...Although this could just be the regenration effect of this cream! This could be a expensive version of Fair & Lovely haha...!!

All in All...Totally worth the £92 :D

I will do another update in a month.

Love ShameeraXxX


  1. WOW £92 for cream, I admire your for parting with your pounds. I could never! LOL!

  2. Well, £90's of it was vouchers, so technically I only paid £2 for it lol!!

  3. Expensive version of Fair & lovely, LOL! I hated Fair & Lovely! :P

    ooof, not sure I want to read any more reviews of this or I would be £92 less richer. Haha! Sounds really promising. Can't wait for more updates. :) xx

  4. Oh no, I did the review for you haha! I'll do my next one in a month...Gives you time to save up £92 lol!
    Lol why did you use Fair and Lovely, you're already fair :S

  5. Ah, I've used this before and I didn't really like it...