Thursday, 21 October 2010

Beauty gone wrong...

I was looking at photos of Kim Kardashians 30th birthday, and couldn't help but notice how different she looks after her botox. I've been watching the new series of Kardashians online (love it!), and saw her face after she had it done, it was like someone had smacked her in the face. The thing is, she's so beautiful, it's just shocking that she would think she needed botox. She did not need it.

I accept that she's probably a lot younger in the before pic, but you can see the botox-ness in the second pic. She didn't need it.

Anyways, so this got me thinking, what stupid things do we do to make us feel more beautiful, when in actual fact has an adverse reaction, or we dont even need it? For example with me, the Roaccutane. I heard so many horror stories about it, but chose to ignore them, thinking it wont happen to me. Appreciate what it did for my skin, but what it did to my hair that I had been growing for years is unforgivable. I loved my hair, and now that it's gone, my self confidence has gone with it...! I wish I'd researched it more, just as I'm sure Kim Kardashian wishes she didn't do the botox. I love that I can use her as a role model, as she's still hott! Then again, I guess we can thank god we didn't do anything as drastic as this:

Have you done anything that you thought would make you feel better, but instead made you feel/look worse?? What did you do to make yourself feel better? I think I need to bring some positivity to my blog!!

Love Shameera XxX


  1. It's sad but an inevitable outcome of growing up in the circles where she did, nobody wants to age and they start the anti ageing projects like this way too early.

    There was nothing wrong with her, she could have waited until she was about 35 to have this stuff done. She still looks her age so I don't see how it has gotten her ahead, nobody is going to look at her and think "oh wow, she looks 18 again".

  2. Oh my god, what did Roaccutane do to your hair?! Myself and several of my friends had pretty much the same reactions to it, like cracked, flaky faces and random cuts and bleeds in our mouths and noses (and less pleasant areas D:) but I've never heard of it affecting someone's hair! Hope it grows back ok!

  3. @ Rhamnousia - Totally agree. If you see that Britney Gastineau who's her best friend, her mum is so plastic, its ugly. They have been bought up to be shallow, which is a shame :-( She was so gorgeous, and still is..but has that 'look'.
    @Julia - It made my hair fall out so much that I had to chop it off :-( This happpened after 9months on the medicine - my last month lol!Its apparently a really rare side effect, that they don't even write it on the medicine leaflet...Trust me to get it!!
    All throughout I hardly had any reactions, just dry lips. Yours sounds bad too, cuts and bleeds. As Binia said in one of my other posts, at least I have clear skin now so can tie my hair up hahaha..!!

  4. Great blog, darling!
    The last picture is just hideous!
    A terrible sum of mistakes!

  5. Ah thank you Catanya :D The last pic is horrific..Made me feel better though lol! X

  6. just saw your's great...last pic is really horrific.

  7. Thanks Rakhshanda :) The last pic could give a grown adult nightmares!

  8. She had work done on her face before the botox.