Saturday, 5 December 2009


My skin is SO bad at the moment. I have like cystic acne on my jawline -Obviously my hormones playing's really doing my head in! I'm trying everything that I can think of to make them go away, it's getting a little better, but not really...!!
I got to thinking, and thought I'm sure there are other people in the world with this stupid, stubborn problem so I'm going to list what I've tried, what worked, what didn't to date, and then when I try something new (I'm a skin care junkie, so I will be buying more stuff!), I will record that too. I am on the pursuit of perfect skin...

So, to date I have used...

1) I'm always taking evening primrose oil supplements, so I though you know how they say to pierce a hole in vitamin e capsules, and apply that on the face, why not the evening primrose oil?! So, I pierced 2 capsules, mixed it with a bit of Decleor Neroli oil(Love this stuff!) and applied it on all day - I really piled it on ( I wasn't going out!). I then exfoliated it off...It made my skin quite glowy actually. Really moisturised! Didn't do anything for the spots though lol! So, a good tip for dry skin I guess...!!

2) NEEM. Ok, so this tree is known as "Natures Drugstore", and is meant to heal sooo many ailments. Google it, you'll find loads on it. So, I bought some neem powder mask from an Indian grocery store (I'll update with pics and links later). You mix the powder with water, and apply as a facemask. OMG SO GOOD!! Seriously, I put it on at night (I always put masks on at night, then put on my night products, as your skin re-generates at night so the effects of the mask will work for longer...Well that's what I think!), I left it on for about an hour, even though you're not meant to...but I was watching ANTM...and didn't want to miss anything! Then I washed if off etc...Put on my tea tree oil and panoxyl 10 on the bits which are stubborn (Make sure you don't actually mix these two'll result in burnt skin...Not nice!) and I woke up and my skin was sooo much clearer. Some of the big bumps actually went down!! I still don't have clear skin, but it's helped!

Once I try more things, I will let you guys know! If you want to know about the skin care products I've been using...that I like, and don't like...Let me know!

Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

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