Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year :-)

2009 has been an OK year for me, not bad but not good either...It's been so blaaahh!! However, I have learnt who my friends are, and who my 'enemies' are, and honestly, I was SHOCKED at who my 'enemies' are...But it's always good to know who they are, I guess..! It has changed my whole life around as some of the people are people I trusted and have known all my life, which is hard. All I can say is, jealousy is a terrible emotion...Is it an emotion?! Whatever, it's bad lol!!

Another low point of the year was that MJ died...I was so sad, I actually became ill with grief!!! I loved him!!!I still can't believe he's gone...:-( I saw the film 'This is It' and Omg the show would have been amazing!! I was soooo looking forward to it, thinking I would actually get to see him in real life...but it wasn't meant to be :-(

R.I.P Michael XXX

To be honest, I don't really do the whole New Years thing, but I do like the time off lol!! However, I am looking forward to a New Year this time, I want a new EVERYTHING this year because I am bored...I know life isn't exciting everyday, but it should be sometimes though right?!?! I haven't made any resolutions, because I never keep them lol...!! BUT If I were to keep them, then they would be:
1) Lose weight, because I have put on too much weight over the past year :-s
2) Be more healthy - join the gym and eat healthier...which in turn will help me lose weight, so I guess this is still no.1 lol!!
3)Get a new job, because I hate mine!! Lol!!
4) Meet a nice guy LOL!
5) Grow my hair!!

Reading through this, I have just realised that it's been such a negative!! So let me finish off with a positive...After all that's happened, I think that this year has made me a stronger person!! Which is nothing but a good thing :-))))
So, how has everyone elses's year been & what are your resolutions??

Hope you have an amazing New Year....Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

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