Saturday, 5 December 2009

XFACTOR ... Danyl to Win!! :-)

I LOVED today's XFACTOR!! Danyl SMASHED it!!
I can not stand Stacey though, I used to think there was something wrong with her, but then her sister spoke the exact same way...I just want to smack them! Tbh I also don't feel sorry for her, she's what...19 years old, her kid looks about 4-5 so she would've been pregnant at the age of lets just say 16 so that it's at least legal...Chav much?! THEN I find out, she's dating OLLY! I'm more of a Danyl fan, but still!!! (I know, jealous much right?!? Lol!) But I don't know, she's trying to make us all feel sorry for her and 'love' her with her stupidness a la Jade.
Her Michael performance this week was atrocious!! She didn't perform, she looked scared and worried...Then Dannii blamed her tooth...Whatever, she still spoke fine when Dermot interviewed her!! Someone in pain wouldn't be so loud and 'bubbly'!

Joe - My opinion of him (if anyone out there!) he's really good, I totally agree with all the judges...pitch perfect etc...but I can't see him as a recording artist. Think about it, can you really see him being an international star?! He hasn't got the charisma! I see him as a West End/Broadway kinda guy. So, I don't think he deserves to win!!

I love Danyl, after all the stick he got...after all that bad press, he's still there...I thought he was more hated than Hitler?!? He HAS to win, if the show is based on finding someone with the Xfactor, in my opinion her has it! Olly is good, but he's more of a Robbie, Danyl is more of a male diva kinda performer!!

Ok, xfactor rant over....

Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

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