Friday, 11 December 2009

Makeup Alley bitchyness

I had recently made a makeupalley account, cos obviously I love makeup and beauty stuff...Well I advertised the blog on it, just asking people for their opinion etc..and OMG within minutes I got pounded on by a bunch of well I assume girls...Saying I'm not allowed to post this there, flag, I got called a troll or something or the other...They were just plain RUDE!! It's like could you not just explain it to me, and tell me rather than flag, be rude and get my account cancelled??! I love makeupalley, but the bitches on there are just absolutely pathetic...!! Like I committed a crime or something!!

Link to the bitchy-ness:

Beware of the following girls:

*ocelot1 - this girl is the worst of them all!!

Then, my friend put a comment on and they got that deleted too...When ALL she said was:

"It's a shame that you guys couldn't have given the girl the benefit of thedoubt - what exactly do you think she's getting out of spending timewriting a blog? She doesn't get paid for it, she doesn't get freebies forit, she just spends her time on it - she just wanted to make some newfriends and share her blog with you!! Instead you have a go at her and gether account cancelled! It's disappointing that you couldn't even considerthe idea that someone just might want to share with you and didn't actuallyknow your 'rules'. You might want to consider how this reflects on youguys... while you were giving her abuse did you actually consider thepossibility of nicely explaining the advertising rule to her?? Way to go onmaking a new member feel welcome!!"

No advertising there...!! Truth hurts??!?

These girls have actually put me off ever going back on that site again, and I hope idiots like that NEVER follow me!! I bet they wouldn't have done that someone like Kandee Johnson or lollipop26...Just cos I'm new, they felt they could pound on me...?! I felt so upset, as all I wanted was for other people to read my blog, let me know what they thought and have more people to talk to stuff about. Oh well, shows that the world is full of all sorts!!

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